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Edinburgh Fringe 2016 Review: Matt Forde: It's My Political Party

Matt Forde fields an impressive work in progress. Holly Woolnough reviews

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Matt Forde

Lots of acts admit to their Fringe shows being 'works in progress' or at least open to changes throughout their run at the festival. Matt Forde, whether he wanted it or not, has produced a show that is liable to change on a daily basis at the whim of our particularly turbulent political situation.

'It's My Political Party And I'll Cry If I Want To' is a rollercoaster ride through 2016's political geography, starting with the run-up to the EU referendum. It's evident from the beginning that Forde was in favour of remaining in the Union, however he manages to balance the show so that political figures on both sides of the argument are hounded for their failures.

Despite his left-wing bias, Forde manages to avoid alienating any member of his audience who might disagree with him - an admirable feat at a time when emotions are running high. Similarly, Forde manages to expertly navigate the age differences within the room. He acknowledges voting patterns among different age demographics in the referendum, but manages to make the rest of his show both entertaining and relevant across the entire scope of his audience.

The only points at which he falls down are the moments where Forde takes on a sort of 'cheeky chappy' persona. These are few and far between, therefore making them seem forced. It is unclear whether these moments are parodies, as they aren't undertaken often enough, and if they're real, they clash with his actual on-stage image.

The TV stand up regular combines comedy with astute political insights, and his delivery is superb. Topped off with some uncanny impersonations, Forde's show is a hit. For anyone needing a quick recap of the current political scene, or for those wanting to laugh along with a kindred spirit, Forde is an informed and entertaining option.

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