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Outfits can get repetitive and there's no worse feeling than wanting to look good and feeling like you've nothing to wear. The best way to make a new look while still being able to afford that extra drink is by switching up your accessories.

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Outfits can get repetitive and there's no worse feeling than wanting to look good and feeling like you've nothing to wear. The best way to make a new look while still being able to afford that extra drink is by switching up your accessories. Add a pair of heels instead of trainers - instant dress up, put on a hat and sunglasses and go from looking homeless to hippy. Here is a mix of some of the best accessory trends - from the classic to the outlandish - to get you inspired.



I feel like belts are super underrated - they not only stop your trousers from falling down, but can be used creatively to achieve so much more! Personally I love the hourglass figure look, and often highlight my waist with a belt. If your dress falls a little straight you can easily create the hourglass figure by using either a contrasting or plain skinny belt to pulling the fabric. Equally you can highlight the waist with a big thick colourful belt, or one with a big statement buckle, being the centrepiece of the look. If you're more a trouser person, tucking your top into your jeans and wearing a belt also can change up a regular outfit. When it comes to belts there's so much on offer, keep your eyes open and you'll soon find the perfect look for you.

belt acc edit

Wide double buckle belt, Topshop, £32


Now this isn't just my love of Blair Waldorf speaking, but I think headbands, or hair accessories in general, are great. If you're having a bad hair day (which is every day for me) its easy to just sped a minute pinning in a clip or sliding in a band to make everything look better - much easier than faffing around trying to create some complex hairstyle that will no doubt fall out as soon as you step outside. There are again vast ranges of styles to help you achieve the look you want - plain headbands, ones with detailing such as jewels or flowers, big bows, even exotic looking head chains that are a great festival look.


headband acc edit
Leaf headband, ASOS, £8


Scarves are so much more than something to wrap around your neck in the depths of winter, in fact wearing them all year round is easier and more fun than you would imagine! In summer wear a silk scarf tied around your head with sunglasses for vintage glamour, or tie it around a bag to add a bit of colour. You can use scarfs like shawls on a night out, or wear tied around your waist like a belt. They're perfect to stick in your bag for unpredictable weather - a scarf can make all the difference when it's suddenly cold, but equally can shade you from intense sun if you've forgotten the sun cream.

taylor acc editTaylor Swift, Wildest Dreams, Music Video


Of all the classic jewellery, I think earrings are the ones that can really change a look. They can dress up a casual outfit for a night out, they can draw attention to your face, and they can add a pop of colour to an all black ensemble. The range on offer is huge; from classics like diamond studs and golden hoops to newer trends such as ear cuffs and ear jackets there is always something to jazz up your outfit. And as one of the cheaper accessories on the list if you decide later the look is not for you, you won't be left out of pocket!

earring 1 acc editCrystal ball earrings, £2, and Zoe triangle ear cuff, £6, both Accessorize

Phone cases
There has been a trend recently to get super loud and oversized phone cases, and to carry them around in your hand like a small clutch bag. I tried this for the first time the other day, and it worked very well - I was able to read messages quickly, change songs easily and didn't need to lug around a bag unnecessarily. The range of phone cases on offer means there will always be one for you - from classic patterns like stripes to Chanel style quilting, and fun shapes to quirky embellishments, a phone case is a great way to express yourself without commitment - you can change the case on a daily basis to suit your mood or outfit!

iphone case acc editIce-cream iPhone case, Skinny Dip, £22


I find the issue with shoes is balancing the two main functions of shoes; practicality and prettiness. I tend to lean more towards super pretty shoes that aren't actually that practical - in other words ones that aren't very good for walking in! I find that despite the cupboard full of shoes I own, I actually only have about three pairs on circulation that I wear. Shoes are great as they totally change the vibe of the outfit, a pair of court shoes making a pair of jeans smart-casual, while the same outfit with plimsolls is a casual everyday look. Despite costing a bit more than most of the items on this list, shoes I believe are an investment well worth making.

trainers acc edit

White comfort cross strap heels, £24.99, and Pink textured slip on plimsolls, £14.99, both New Look

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