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Dale Lyster looks at the most popular time pieces in men's fashion

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The humble watch is undoubtedly being the forefront of the male jewelry world. This forefront is of great importance, as it can bind and unify an outfit, as it's sure to be one thing others will first notice about your style, alongside your shoes. A watch is a piece which men often see as an investment, a timeless timepiece that shall be a visual representation of themselves as an individual. With this in mind, a new purchase of a watch can be a stressful universe of choice and decisions. Therefore, take this article under your wing as a telescope to classic pieces and popular trends amongst the current menswear world of watches.

Mondaine Stop 2 Go

Mondaine Stop 2Go
Image: Mondaine Official Swiss Railways Watch. Left: Black & White. Right: Stainless Steel.

If you have ever had the pleasure of visiting Switzerland, and some particular nearby countries for that matter, this watch face may be familiar to you. This is due to it being Switzerland's official Train Station watch face. Of course a pioneer for minimalist design, Mondaine have updated their classic watch in recent times. Such can be seen in their designs now featuring a cool fifty-eight second tick, that stops at the hour for two seconds before beginning another minute. A feature that is going to receive the applause of others, whilst also gaining merit for its widely popular design.

Daniel Wellington Classic Collection

Duke Wellington
Image: Left to right; Sheffield, St Mawes, Oxford, Warwick.

A traditionally British watch, taking it's namings from staple British cities and towns, which strives and achieves simplicity and class. One of the most appealing elements of the collection is there ability for a canvas strap. It can be argued that Daniel Wellington is the designer to thank for the recent popularity and resurfacing of the canvas strap, and with a collection such as this, it is certainly one to be thankful for.

Bulova Accutron II

Image: Left: 96A155. Right: 97A110.

Bulova have successfully reinvented the wheel, in resurrecting their classic and iconic Sixties Accutron model. A model which was a pioneer for electronic watches to follow it. Though it, and these current models may be classed as electronic, they are not so in the traditional manner. This is through Bulova's employment of a tuning fork to power the timepiece rather than the traditional use of a balance wheel. Though you'll be happy to know the modern model comes without the buzz sounds of the original. This is one watch that will certainly attract attention whilst receiving nods from older watch fans.


Image: Left: Chronometrie Quantietrie Quantieme Annuel. Right: Spirit Orbis Terrarum.

Notably not one of the most student friendly watches, due to there price tag being as high as the moon featured on the dials, Montblanc are a company to be respected and considered in current watch trends. Though they are higher up in the watch world, they are watches which descend their trends to other more affordable brands. Two notable and distinct designs which they have pioneered back into fashion in modern times are that of the moonface and the globe backdrop. Due to the company's ethos of being universal in monitoring entities far greater than just the time, it seemed more than apt for the watches to include a full calendar, including the date, day of the week, month, moon phase combined alongside the world time functions and indicating the how day and night evolve across the globe, just to name a few features.

Junghans 40MM Meister Telemeter

Image: Junghans 40MM Meister Telemeter

Germany's largest watch company have rejuvenated there Mega 1 timepiece into the twenty first century with the Meister Telemeter, and brought along the fifties style with it in full force. The timepieces aims for simplicity with a confident twist, through there tan leather strap and almost simplistic face. The model pairs Fifties style with current watch demands, in being old-school it is not by any means nearing vintage.

Parmigiani Fleurier Type 370 Mythe

Type 370
Image: Left: Above view. Right: Side view.

Cars and watches are two universes that can be seen to exist in parallel. In this case of the Parmigiani Fleurier Type 370 Mythe, it is a celebratory timepiece of the ten year partnership between the watch company and Bugatti, two companies that laugh in the face of simplicity. The drum-shaped face and vertical dial was specifically crafted in order to be not only beautifully unique, but to be easily readable when driving. The dial is inspired by the grill of the iconic Bugatti Type 57, providing it with an art-deco aesthetic, to put it simply.

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