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Water Polo showings a mixed bag

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Image: Lily Grant
Image: Lily Grant

York's water polo teams engaged in characteristically fierce and frenzied clashes late on the Saturday afternoon of Roses, but the respective scorelines by the evening told two very different tales.

York's Women put on a show of force from the off in their match, and were the attacking presence from the second the first period commenced. Early frays were enough for Lancaster to gauge the ferocity that York were able and willing to unleash in tackle and defence.

An early penalty shot for York went wide, but after a quick exchange of play the visitors capitalised on a fast break and sunk a shot, getting the scoreline moving along briskly from thereon in.

Excitable interceptions and further shows of strength cost York free throws, which Lancaster did their best to utilise, but hasty long-range shooting and panicked playing saw that it was the away side that began to tot up points.

A succession of surging attacks had the scoreline at 0-3 as the Red Rose kept sending shots wide and meeting woodwork. A capable break finally saw them find a way through York's solid defence to land a shot on target - 1-3.

Play continued in a similar vein and soon enough York were 2-6 up. A York swimmer lost her cap into the third period but recovered quickly, tossing it poolside and snapping right back onto defence. Attacks and counter attacks continued to be exchanged with vigour, with little let up to speak of - the pace of play soon drove up the frequency of time-outs.

The frenetic speed saw an until-now unquenchable York lag into the final period, but they capably saw out the bout and secured a comfortable 7-11 victory and 4 points to boot.
The Men's match told the opposite story. Lancaster dominated physically and York compensated in well-paced and measured play, but the former won out and shaped the duration of the game.

Early scoring flurries soon gave way to a period of stalemate with Lancaster holding a fractional lead. Attrition was the order of the day for the home side though, and soon enough they wore away at York's patient resolve, landing increasingly powerful shots to claim a 9-5 victory and the other 4 points on offer.

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