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College Cup Fantasy Football Scouts

Nouse Sport give their tips on the players to buy for the 2016 iteration of College Cup Fantasy Football

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Image: Petroc Taylor
Image: Petroc Taylor

With weeks worth of time accumulated between us on the 3G and JLD watching college football, you would think Nouse Sport would be very well placed to saunter to victory in the College Cup Fantasy Football. Invariably, this is not the case. Nevertheless, here are the Nouse picks, looking at the best pick for a position outright, and where the bargains may lie...

Tom Harle - Senior Correspondent tom harle


Luxury pick - Andy Balzan; James 1s; 8.5m

The UYAFC Firsts stopper would cost you a pretty penny but, with a stout defence in front of him, James will concede very few goals in Group B.

Value pick - Matt Trewartha; James 4s; 2m

Felix Aylett at 3 million is good value but an even cheaper option comes in the shape of the keeper who almost single-handedly kept James Fourths in the Vase last year


Luxury pick - Tom Shelbourn; Derwent 1s; 8.2m

After the departures of Gill and Belshaw, perhaps the best out-and-out defender at the university would cost you 8.2 million.

Value pick - Paul Reynolds; Derwent 2s; 4.2m

Derwent's second string won't be pushed too hard in Group D and 4.2 million for Reynolds is an investment in consistency


Luxury pick - Michael Garn; Alcuin 1s; 8.2m

Garn brings sheer pace to the table and will trouble defences throughout the College Cup. Most of what Alcuin do will go through him.

Value pick - Jack Parsonson; Langwith 1s; 6.7m

6.7 million might not sound like a bargain but you'd be getting a goalscoring midfielder of high quality for your money


Luxury pick - Matt Singleton; James 1s; 9m

It's simple- Singleton is guaranteed goals. He got five in five last year and could easily do better this time around

Value pick - John Packer; Wentworth 1s; 3m

The Wentworth forward was the surprise pack-age of last year's tournament- scoring five goals in three games- and who would bet against him doing it again?

Rob Middleton - Senior Correspondentrobm


Luxury pick - Andy Balzan; James 1s; 8.5m

The UYAFC 1s stopper will be as key to any hopes of success James have this year, just as he was last year. Playing in front of a solid back four, Balzan, and James, will be tough to beat.

Value pick - Felix Aylett; Derwent 2s; 3m

I can only assume Aylett has offended his captain to have such a low value this year. Aylett showed his worth with a couple of saves in the Plate penalty shoot-out last year, when his 2s beat Derwent 1s. A farce that he should be so cheap.


Luxury pick - Euan Bell; Derwent 1s; 7.6m

Plenty of defenders will get points for not conceding, but very few will get as many points for scoring goals as Euan Bell. At five points per goal, he's almost a must-buy.

Value pick - James Axford; James 2s; 4.7m

Axford popped up with crucial goals from set pieces last year, and a repeat will make him good value at 4.7m.


Luxury pick - Elliot Tester; Halifax 1s; 8.4m

With Halifax in one of the easier group and with him feeding the ball to one of the tournament's most prolific forwards in Garo Heath, Tester should rack up points for assists in the group stages.

Value pick - Ewan Gillespie; Halifax 3s; 3m

As a UYRUFC firsts player, he may prove a physical challenge to his opponents and, as a result, may get more than his fair share of points.


Luxury pick - Garo Heath; Halifax 1s; 9m

It's a three-way fight between Heath, Singleton and Bew for who you spend almost a fifth of your budget on. Halifax 1s have a marginally more favourable group than James or Derwent, so my pick is Heath.

Value pick - John Packer; Wentworth 1s; 3m

Named in Nouse's Team of the Tournament last year, Packer is a threat in the air and on the ground. I did not see him lose a header last year, I'll be shocked if I see him lose one this year.

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