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We searched for some of the most uniquely dressed fashionistas outside London's Brewer Street and bring you the outfits that caught our eye

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Ellie: Blogger, Writer and Fashion Editor

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Image: Munisha Lall
Ellie's necklace was for us the most striking feature of her outfit. As a shop assistant at a vintage store, Ellie explained that she takes unloved antique items and gives them a new lease of life. She chose an eccentric necklace of trinkets for her day outside the sex shop. Another talking point was her sunglasses, second-hand from Depop, the social shopping app marketed to creatives and students. "I bought them specifically because they were on a dog in a picture - put anything on a dog and I'll buy it", she laughs. From our brief encounter it was clear that Ellie is drawn towards bold patterns, though she admits she would normally wear something brighter, and on her hair-styling, she confesses "I just did pig-tails because I'm secretly twelve!"


Jayden: Fashion student studying in South Korea

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Image: Munisha Lall
We liked Jayden's all black and minimalistic outfit and his bowler hat provides a suave touch. He relies on Topshop, All Saints and Muji to stay suitably dressed for his stay in London but regrets leaving his favourite Saint Laurent Paris garments in South Korea. Similar to us, he was on the never-ending hunt for "stylish people" as part of his research into contemporary fashion. The conversation moved onto Brewer Street's Peta protests against animal fur - a contentious issue in fashion politics - involving models sporting gas masks, hazard tape and little else. After some hesitation he agreed that faux fur was the ethical choice.


Melissa: Fashion student at the London College of fashion

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Perhaps the most intriguing element of Melissa's attitude towards fashion is that she claims to source her clothing from contraceptive brand, Made in Love. As she's a fashion student this might come as no surprise, though we hope she actually meant the clothing retailer Made with Love. It was hard to miss Melissa as she rubbed shoulders with other fashion followers, standing out in her fluorescent pink sweater and distinctive shorts, though she assured us that this isn't her Sunday best and would normally wear something similar any day of the week. Carrying with her an item of sentiment from her mother, Melissa offsets her outlandish clothes with a delicate necklace in the shape of a key.


Gina Ortega: Fashion stylist and founder of High on Fashion

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A taste for travel permeates Gina's vibrant ensemble. She wears a sky-blue jacket from the innovative French outlet Maje, trousers with a burnt sienna hue from Mexican brand Alejandro Carlin and carries a clutch bag courtesy of Italian luxury label Fendi. We learn that she is no stranger to the attraction of a fashion week, having journeyed to New York, Paris and Milan for their respective showcases. "London is eccentric" she tells us, "New York is crazy, Milan is fun and Paris is, well... Paris!" With 27k. followers on her Instagram, we're clearly not the only ones impressed by her eclectic taste.

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