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Paul Costelloe - AW16 Show Report

Leather gloves, military coats and studs, 'power dressing' today's female warrior

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Set in the very luxurious and exclusive Le Meridien Hotel in the heart of Piccadilly in London, Paul Costelloe's AW16 collection wanted to portray the image of the working, professional woman, with clothing that invokes ambition, fearlessness and feminine strength. This look was captured by honing in on Costelloe's own precision and reputation for impeccable tailoring, sharply cut necklines, with fingerless leather elbow gloves and corsets with buckle fastening to accessorise.
These bold modifications to traditional garments are perhaps an unusual addition to the Costelloe line, however, it pertains the image of a woman, ready and armed for adventure. The team combined the ideas of soft femininity with these combatant-ready designs, featuring gauzy flowing organza dresses with the brand's trademark baby doll shape, still upholding the tough image of the show by keeping the colour palette dark and subdued. It was accessorised with ankle boots, ear cuffs and hobo style draw string bags.


The militaristic coats radiated touches of warmth in the form of oxblood and canary yellow checks, transgressing the more sombre and serious outlook with an uplift of colour to coincide with the seasonal burnt oranges and burgundies associated with autumn.
The choice in musical accompaniment of artists such as James Brown and Tupac, featuring a segment taken from their respective songs 'The Payback' and 'Untouchable', proved to be surprising yet animating choices and pertained to the sharp contrast of the elegance of the location, with blaring punchy music. However the sounds of jazz and the fast-paced ryhthm suited the model's strident walk up the catwalk and encapusulated the essence of Costelloe's AW16 collection: 'power dressing'.



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