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Georgia Hardinge - AW16 Show Report

With meteor showers and the transience of the cosmos, Hardinge creates a galaxy of fashion

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Images: Malik Haddington Ahmed

Georgia Hardinge's Autumn/Winter 2016 collection incorporate her passion for architectural structures, coupled with feminine silhouettes. It relies on galactic images, attentive pleats and subliminal soundtracking in a collection that is innovative as much as it is palatable.

As guests enter the contemporary space of Elms Lesters Painting Rooms, they are transported to a sonic landscape of celestial sounds. The composition actually incorporates planets and celestial bodies emitting electromagnetic waves, and as the lights are toned down, the allusions to galactic images become ever more foregrounded.

Models are at first isolated and later meet at a point across the room, behind each other like the night sky at varying speeds, and Hardinge's collection captures that phenomenon."My inspiration for this season was the Parallax, the idea that you can look at the same thing from two different angles and see two different things. I focused a lot on lenticular techniques [with silver fabric concealed in pleats]."£ PINK224936735840 0927732ff7 o

Flashes of cobalt blue and metallic silver appear in the collection in order to flatter high-waisted skirts. A colour palette taken from galactic images hidden between sharp pleats runs throughout the collection. Deep magenta takes the limelight for the second stage. Cottons and feminine aesthetics allow a seamless transition from playful party-wear to purposeful evening-wear offset by minimalist detailing: triangle metal embellishments atop a magenta scarf, slithers of metal at the elbow and even a little patterning. With hair intricately and beautifully styled into two French braids and tamed baby hairs, the models congregate for the final time in star formation to finish the show.

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