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Thinker's Corner: A new committee and things to do!

With so many deadlines and heavy workloads, it can be hard to tell just how we feel about the end of term each time it comes around.

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With so many deadlines and heavy workloads, it can be hard to tell just how we feel about the end of term each time it comes around. In the world of York Student Think Tank though the end of this term has been really exciting! We've had a lot going on in every area of what we do, and there's a lot to keep up with. Here's a summary of what's been happening in all things Think Tank:

The new committee are currently settling into their roles and we're looking forward to what the year ahead will hold. Everyone is already hard at work, making sure that the success of the past few years will continue, and that students will benefit from our research projects, discussions and events.

Speaking of events, last week saw the new committee's first Policy Lab, which discussed the recent YUSU elections and how the student population reacted to them. Being able hear from some of the newly-elected YUSU officers and members of the university's party political societies was a great opportunity to share some really strong discussion on just how important we consider student politics to be as a university and as students in general. We're really grateful for the speakers who came along and helped make the 2016 committee's first event such a success - hopefully the first of many to come!

Even though it's now coming into Week 10 and everything is coming to a close, there are plans to host an end of term social to let people get to know the new committee and it would be brilliant to see as many people as possible turn up to think and drink with us before the Easter break. If you want to come along, just keep an eye on our Facebook page for details of when and where we'll be! Outside of our events, our consultation groups are all in full swing, and each one is running a survey which you can take part in to help improve different aspects of your university life. The surveys focus on a huge range of student-related topics from political attitudes to relations with the wider community. If you're on our mailing list, you should be able to access them from emails we've sent, but if not then just head to our website to find out more about how to participate. Your answers could make a long-term impact, and you might even be able to win something by getting involved!

On a much wider scale, YSTT is getting involved with other student think tanks from all over the county to promote a nationwide EU referendum survey. If you've been following the Brexit story and want to have your voice heard in the UK's decision, we have you covered. Take a look on our website and social media pages to find out how you can voice your opinion on Britain's plans to leave the EU. Anyone who takes part will be able to join a huge sample of students from across the UK that could potentially impact the outcome of the nation's decision, so join in and make sure your voice is heard.

All that ought to be enough to keep you thinking for the time being; we've certainly got a lot of work to do! Everything will be up and running as normal next term, and we look forward to seeing everyone again in April. In the meantime, we hope you'll take part in as much of our research as you can, because your thoughts can really help make a difference.

Ethan Savage is the new Chair of York Student Think Tank.


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