Free speech at the University of York: A student survey - fill it out here

Take five minutes to share with Nouse your thoughts on campus free speech

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Credit: Jack Richardson
Credit: Jack Richardson

Following the downgrading of the University of York from a 'Green' to 'Amber' institution in Spiked!'s Free Speech University Rankings, Nouse is interested to hear from York students their thoughts on their University's relationship with campus censorship.

An 'Amber' university is one that "chills free speech and free expression by issuing guidance with regard to appropriate speech and conduct."

"This includes, but is not limited to, restrictions on 'offensive', 'controversial' or 'provocative' speech and expression. Policies which vet speakers, literature or events may also fall within this category."

Spiked! cites the University's Harassment Policy - which defines harassment, in part, as 'offensive verbal or practical jokes' - and its decision to cancel participation in International Men's Day as reasons for the University's downgrading.

Spiked! also references the York University Student's Union's (YUSU) 'Zero tolerance towards sexual harassment' which the Rankings believe restricts 'unwanted sexual gestures or innuendos' to the detriment of free speech.

Nouse intends to collect and collate data on the student body's feeling towards free speech at York, and produce a News investigation thereupon. If you are a York student, please take five minutes to fill out the below survey freely, frankly and honestly.


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Frankie M Posted on Thursday 4 Feb 2016

Let the sh*tstorm begin...


Lord Edwards Posted on Sunday 7 Feb 2016

I couldn't possibly comment on this matter.


priorities Posted on Saturday 13 Feb 2016

Any rating that downgrades a university for having a policy of zero-tolerance towards sexual harassment it one that I couldn't give a shit about.