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UK universities top for satisfaction internationally

The UK has been found to have the top universities for student satisfaction internationally

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Image: Cambridge University
Image: Cambridge University

A study has found that international students that study in the UK are more satisfied with their education than those in other English-speaking nations.
The study of 365, 754 students found that 91 per cent of those surveyed said that the UK was the top for student satisfaction. Universities in the UK scored higher in 75 of the 84 measures ranked.
In addition, at 85 per cent, international undergraduate students studying in the UK were more likely to recommend their university experience than those studying elsewhere.
However there has been a decline in UK student satisfaction since 2011, with the main concern among students being financial support. Removal of maintenance grants for undergraduates could see a further decline in this.
Vivienne Stern, UK HE International Unit director, said: "While the UK's improving results and higher satisfaction with the cost of living than main alternative countries suggest we are heading in the right direction, we cannot remain complacent.
"Other countries are increasing their efforts to attract international students and are enjoying faster growth. The UK must jointly capitalise on its obvious strengths in order to drive sustained growth for this critical component of the UK's higher education system and its broader economy."
The primary alternatives for international students if they had not gone to study in the UK was the United States at 44 per cent, then Australia with 24 per cent, followed by Canada where 19 per cent said that they would have gone to study.
Responses from the students surveyed found that the top four reasons for international students choosing to study in the UK were: the reputation of the selected institution, the specific course of study, earning potential and personal safety.

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