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Best and Worst Trends of 2015

Grace Howarth looks back at the previous years highs and lows in fashion

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A- line Skirts

With another year complete it's time to take a glance at the previous year's 'on trend' looks. Mini or Midi skirts were often styled with bare legs, usually in a geometric print and bold colours, finished with a shapeless jumper on top. This skirt carried an outfit and made a very dressed down look appear entirely put together. Catching that difficult balance between smart yet casual, the A-line skirt was perfect for nights out and for workwear, as well as lounging around in.

Image: Neil Rasmus

Polo Necks

From Paris Fashion Week to Drake's 'Hotline Bling' video, polo necks became the unlikely winter wardrobe staple. Whether sleeveless or part of a high neck dress, the polo neck made a very bold appearance in 2015. A practical item with its impermeable neckline, it's a step up from the ordinary crew or round neck. It can be worked seamlessly into a look by being paired with jeans and trainers, making you in the process look like you've made a conscious decision regarding what to wear.

KIM 0466
Image:Kim Weston Arnold

Nude Palette

Khaki, nudes, browns, sands, and beiges, not the most explored of the colour palettes in fashion, last year made a prominent appearance. A prime example was Kanye West's 'Yeezy' AW 15 collection, which conjured slightly dystopian future vibes with a rich earthy, one all-over colour. The latter case made clothes appear as if they were rationed but when applied to more everyday items such as a trench coat and t-shirts, if an outfit was to be one colour then nudes were the new black.

nude clothing 1
Image: Elizabeth Hilton

Ghillie shoes

Fancy in name and in nature, these delicate, soft, lace up shoes were first designed as dancing shoes, for Scottish and Irish country dancing. The ghillie shoe was a new favourite over the summer months, dominating the shelves of women's footwear. Although the intricacies and time required in crossing and tying strings around your ankles just right, without restricting blood flow and yet not being a tripping hazard, may be off putting, the result is admirable and elegant.

ghillie heel 1


Ripped Jeans

Love them, hate them, they proved popular over the autumn season. They added a rough, unkempt appearance to an outfit which spoke of regular wear and travel. Who would foresee the tears gained from falling inelegantly would be a la mode? However, when surrounded by a smart jumper, and topped with jewelry, it seems very out of place.

ripped jeans
Image:Maegan Tintari+

One Earring

Heavily adorned ears were a popular choice in 2015. Though the most questionable could be the one earring look which made a reprisal from the 80s on to AW 2015 catwalks as seen at Celine and Fendi in the form of one long feathered earring. It eventually filtered down to the masses to become an autumn/winter trend.

ear cuff
Image: petitepanopoly

Culotte Trousers

Not highly wearable and differing in length from mid-calf to ankle, culottes fell rather awkwardly between 70s flares and cut off trousers. The voluminous full legs of the trousers' cut are immediately recognisable and give the wearer a striking silhouette, yet the billowing, balloon-like shape make them very easy to style wrong.

Image: Mario de la Renta
Image: Mario de la Renta

Slip on Mules

Similar to the ripped jeans in the way that they look incomplete. The mule made a comeback but a branch of that trend was the slip-on mule. As a slipper or shoe to be worn indoors this seems ideal but when made out of leather with embellishments and heels and thusly shaped with rear and sides of the shoe missing, the finished look seems wanting.

slip on mules
Image: ASOS

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