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York cafe responds to 'Rip-Off' claims

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Bennett's Cafe. Image: Mikey
Bennett's Cafe. Image: Mikey

A local York cafe, Bennett's Cafe and Bistro on High Petergate, responded to a customer who stated that the business was "absolutely awful" and a 'rip-off' on TripAdvisor. The customer objected to being charged £2 for a fruit infusion.
The cafe's manager retorted in hilarious but polite fashion by explaining the exact costing structure of her afternoon tea which prove that she was not being 'ripped-off'.

The cafe manager ended his cost breakdown with "I accept that it makes the price of a cuppa in a city centre cafe look expensive compared to the one you make at home but unfortunately that's the cruel reality of life." Despite the departure from the 'customer is always right' philosphy, Bennett's have been praised for the response. Indeed, it has reminded irrate customers that being a keyboard warrior can be a risky business.

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