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UKIP fury over cenotaph snub

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Undoubtedly, Remembrance Sunday is significant for many reasons. Whitehall is being covered in red poppies to mark our respect for those who lost their lives in the First World War, but conflict still remains over the way the service is conducted.

UKIP pride themselves on being quintessentially British, and surely there is nothing more British than to protest who gets to lay a wreath at the Cenotaph. Existing rules state that only leaders of parties with six or more MPs taking up their position in Westminster are allowed to take part in the ceremony itself. Thankfully, the Liberal Democrats just about made it in. Yet, UKIP has only one MP at the moment, so the party has no hope of being represented on the front page of a broadsheet this time.

If the anger was directed at the voting system, perhaps I would have more sympathy. Indeed, it is interesting how they haven't used this opportunity to appeal for voting reform instead, which would benefit the other parties trying to overcome the Tory-Labour scuffle for Number 10.

Alternatively, UKIP could do something completely unexpected and declare the romanticism associated with world wars a farce! Joking aside, the serious matter we are confronted with is the lack of emphasis put on how patriotism isn't always inclusive. I doubt UKIP want to be there to honour citizens who weren't from England, do you?

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Thomas Posted on Monday 20 Jan 2020

Actually , your doubts are misplaced, UKIP cares a lot about veterans and did not kick up this fuss as a publicity stunt as you seem to imply. Also the indication that we don't recognise the contribution that non-UK born people made is ridiculous.
Of course I and many other UKIP members were frustrated by an unfair voting system , and indeed our leaders have called for a reformed system. If we had used this opportunity to call for it, we'd have been accused of politicising the issue too much. Just to mention I am also angry that the Greens did not get the chance to lay down a wreath either , as they would have had the 6 MPs required under a fairer voting system.


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