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A Kipper in York - Grammar Schools and Arms Fairs

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Image: University of York UKIP Association
Image: University of York UKIP Association

Another year has passed and the University UKIP society has grown significantly. We've had one of the best turnouts for our society that I've seen in a while. While we are unlikely to become the biggest political society on campus, it is great to see so many new faces. I also welcome the fact that the other societies have grown on Campus, in both activity and membership; while we may not agree on everything, having more people actively interested in politics can only be a good thing.

I note with some irritation some students trying to dictate how the University should behave towards certain companies. It should be up to students to decide whether they wish to work for BAE Systems or other companies of that ilk. They are a FTSE 100 company with a very good graduate recruitment scheme, and those who would wish to see them banned on campus need to ask whether they feel that their fellow students can be their own moral guardians. BAE does not hide the fact that it is a high tech military company, nor the fact that it does business with lots of countries (including Israel). By all means protest, but please don't try and make decisions for anyone other than yourselves.

It's worth noting in all of this that during this month that 8 Israelis have died as a result of thugs going around stabbing people, and the BBC (showing their bias) have had the audacity to call one individual who charged at the police with a knife and was promptly shot dead, a "Palestinian" rather than a "terrorist". Not only does this imply that Palestinians endorse such horrific attacks on innocent people, it also implies that he was somehow justified in attacking civilians. Neither is true, and I'm considerably annoyed that the BBC would fail to report in a balanced manner.

In other news, I was pleased to note that Weald of Kent School (an expansion of a grammar school) is opening, giving 450 children the opportunity to have a strong education in an academic environment. I also note with bemusement that Labour oppose the measure - for people who claim to support social mobility, the fact that they support the comprehensive system astounds me. You can give me all the garbage about the comprehensive system resulting in less people slipping through the cracks you like, it has led to a situation where the top 40 schools send more pupils to Oxbridge than 1800 comprehensives put together.

One of the key policies that attracted me to UKIP was their support of grammar schools and support of technical GCSEs and apprenticeships for less academic pupils, giving every pupil a path to a good career. I hope that policy continues and the Tories will reverse this worrying trend away from grammar schools.

Thomas Turton is the Secretary of the University of York UKIP Association.

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5 Comment

har- Posted on Friday 10 Jul 2020

Nice to see you covering all the important issues in the UKIP manifesto, from hating on Muslims to hating on working class people. Maybe could be that's why you just lost 12 points to Labour in the Chorley by-election.

Also, "another year goes by..." Didn't you only get ratified last year?


B Posted on Friday 10 Jul 2020

I would invite you to read both the article and UKIP's manifesto again and kindly point out to me where there is 'hating on Muslims'.
Indeed nowhere in the article is there hating on the working class. (Incidentally the highest proportion of the UKIP vote was working class)


Thomas Posted on Friday 10 Jul 2020

While we were only ratified last year , we've been around for longer than that. As I understand it we didn't want to ratify with YUSU previously. I challenge you to find any part of the UKIP 2015 manifesto that "hates on" Muslims and Working Class. As we haven't got any policies that do that , you should read the manifesto before accusing UKIP of things that aren't true.


aggressive eyeroll Posted on Friday 10 Jul 2020

Wow, EIGHT Israelis dead at the hands of individual Palestinians, that sure compares to government-driven Palestinian genocide


Thomas Posted on Friday 10 Jul 2020

The conflict does not justify brutality on either side , the fact that both Palestine and Israel have to acknowledge their roles in damaging the peace process has to be realised before a solution can be found. There is no excuse for targeting civilians whether you are a Palestinian fighter or an Israeli soldier. In short just because less people die , doesn't make it right. I also object to the use of the term "genocide" when dealing with what is mostly a war between Israel and Hamas with high collateral damage due to the fact that it's in an urban area. Hamas fire rockets out of hospitals and schools deliberately , using civilians as human shields (in violation of the Geneva Convention). Israel destroys the civilian structure , destroying the rockets (which are huge by they way , not hand held devices) but resulting in civilian death. These are very grey areas , and of course Israel should be held to account, but we should not load any one side with all the guilt for what is a very messy situation.


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