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AmnesWrite - It's Just Common Sense

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Image credit: Amnesty Int
Image credit: Amnesty Int

The anticipation running up to Freshers' Fair this year was electric amongst the committee members of the UY Amnesty International society. "Are you just super keen to meet people?" you may ask. Of course, but I must confess, it was the two boxes that we received from Amnesty International UK the week before, stuffed to the brim with every Amnesty freebie under the sun. We had run out of almost everything by 12.30, quite frankly we were all surprised that you had rolled out of bed so early.

We were delighted that so many of you were so willing to talk to us, and get to grips with how the society works and the ways in which we reflect the wider work of Amnesty International UK. Our voices were hoarse from speaking to so many of you, leaving us us with your email address, promises of membership and big grins. There was one conversation with a first year Engineering student that really stuck with me. After talking to him about the work we do and the issues we raise on campus he said simply, "but why isn't everyone talking about this? You can't even disagree with it, it's just common sense".

It is just common sense, really. I truly think this is testament to the 120+ of you who crammed yourself into D/L/036 for our first meeting, in the tropical temperatures that were not reflective of the cold Monday night. It was so great to meet so many of you in Lounge afterwards, and it really gave me hope of the potential the society has for this year and all the fantastic work we are going to do.

At our last meeting, we voted for our two campaigns this term; Save the Act and Refugees Welcome. We are already well on the way with our campaigns, organising ideas and thinking about how we can really promote the issues and ideas surrounding them in the best way possible, whether that's awareness-raising or immediate action. This is including a music event at the end of term, Jamnesty; so keep your eyes peeled.

Monday 26th is a big day for our society. At 6.30pm in D/L/036 we will be voting in two new committee members for the positions Events Manager and Fundraising Officer. We are really excited to give you all the opportunity to vote for new members of the committee who can drive the change you want to see in the society.
I would just like to say thank you to all of you who came down to the Victoria for our pub quiz last Thursday and made a donation. It was a really good night and it was so lovely to see some familiar faces, and some new ones. Hopefully see you at Amnesty Yoga on Tuesday at 6.30!

That's all from me for now, but don't forget to come find us every Monday in D/L/036 at 6.30pm. Naturally, we are on Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram for all our updates.

Isabel Pearson is the Chair of University of York Amnesty International.

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