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Contemporary Corduroy

Jos Kelly explores three ways to update this old school fabric

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Ah, corduroy. For some, it's hard to escape memories of their grandfather in a mustard pair, where the stains were a perfect accompaniment to the overwhelming aroma of onions that seemed to ooze from his wrinkles. Others consider themselves vanguards of 21st century fashion as they slip into their electric blue needlecord suit and equally brazen yellow socks. However, there are ways to wear corduroy that better reflect your youth, and dare I say, channel maturity?

bastian 1Michael Bastian at Mr Porter

First things first, whatever you wear MUST fit you. Fabric pooling around your ankles, or shoulder pads swamping your chest two-sizes too big, are cardinal sins no God can forgive. So try and find a pair of cords where your thighs are no more obvious than your calves, and that finish with just one break above your shoes. A forest green pair is a fail-safe option and is the perfect colour between September and April.


asos cord trucker

Levis at ASOS

The cord trucker jacket has become more and more popular in recent seasons, and for good reason. Whether you opt for a shearling lining or not, it is a brilliant alternative to the ubiquitous denim trucker this autumn. The jacket comes into its own when the corduroy wale is thick and rugged, distinguishing itself from its more timid needlecord sibling with muscularity.

dan 1

Dan Trepanier for Articles of Style

Alongside a cord suit, a cord blazer has the hardest time shaking off the stigma of antiquated attire. However, this need not be the case. The peak lapels on this blazer lend a masculine edge that is offset by its natural shoulder and lightly structured body, capturing the essence of contemporary tailoring with charm and sophistication; a potent combination.

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David Landon Cole Posted on Tuesday 29 Sep 2020

Oh, please don't make corduroy fashionable! I can't wear anything fashionable, and just about everything else has come into style!


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