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Construction chaos or potential paradise

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That's the question that I'm sure has been running through many of our heads. The University has been engaged in construction projects across campus. The centrepiece of it all is Greg's Place - a revamping of Vanbrugh Piazza.

The result of all this renovation has been a chaotic labyrinth of diversions, worthy of David Cameron's inability to answer questions. At times it feels as though I'll turn a corner and find myself being attacked by the Minotaur, or more likely, a fearsome goose.
Freshers' Fair was about as coherent as this editorial due to the ongoing redesign. As I searched for societies, I had Yeats' words ringing in my head: "Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;/ Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world..." (Those pesky geese again.)
But instead of descending into a pessimistic modernist wasteland, let's actually be serious about this. On its website, the University proudly proclaims that it will provide "a focal point for open days". As many prospective students' first introduction to campus, it is appropriate that the Piazza should be updated.

All in all, the makeover should be welcomed. It'll be great to see the Piazza become a more social space. The plans include a cinema screen, pop-up activities and food venues. As long as they sell pasties, I'm happy.

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