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Cameron's new "compassionate" Conservative party is a con

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"Hope is returning," he said. "Good jobs, a decent home, better childcare," he said. "A Great British take-off that leaves no one behind," he said. David Cameron is a liar.

A Conservative government is not a compassionate government. The idea is simply oxymoronic. Cameron may be a good speaker, but even he cannot convince us that tax credit cuts are introduced out of compassion. That the bedroom tax is tough love. That slashing inheritance tax was somehow a gift to the poor.

As a passionate Labour supporter, I was made to feel very uncomfortable watching Cameron's speech. Not because he was campaigning for inequality. In fact, quite the opposite - because the Conservative leader stood up in Manchester and made a case for Labour's principles. For opportunities for working people, increased social mobility, rights for women, ethnic minorities and the poorest in our society. For fairness and tolerance. For a 'greater' Britain where anything is possible, for anybody.

But Cameron's promises are hollow. His words are empty. According to the Guardian, 200,000 more families will be pushed into poverty by this government's summer budget cuts to tax credits and other benefits. To believe this man would be dangerous; he's shaken, but he's sharp. Please, don't take his word as gospel.

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