Asexual Awareness Week to be held on campus

Events to take place across campus to raise awareness the asexual spectrum

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An asexual awareness week will be taking place on campus in week four.

The week on campus is part of a larger Asexual Awareness Week, which is an international effort to advance understanding and awareness of the existence of the asexual spectrum community and of the problems they face.
People who identify as asexual experience little or no sexual attraction, although they may or may not experience romantic attraction. The asexual community at York is very diverse, and also includes other people who feel they fit into other spaces, including demi-sexual and grey-sexual people.
The asexual community, which is part of YUSU's LGBTQ Network, will be campaigning on campus on Tuesday and Thursday during the week. As part of the week, the asexual community will be running a film night on Tuesday 20 October in P/L/006, showing a documentary about asexual issues.
The community will also be hosting various gatherings for ace spectrum students, which will range from coffee to an "ace night out".
George Norman, the organiser of the University's asexual awareness week, commented: "Awareness week is so important, not only in making asexual people feel confident in a university setting, but encouraging positive discussions around sex and relationships more generally.
"It provides us with a great opportunity to talk about the issues asexual people face in wider society, and to tell them that we want to challenge those issues, and how they can be allies to our asexual spectrum community. And, of course, it provides an opportunity for people to ask the questions about the asexual spectrum that they might otherwise feel uncomfortable asking."
Evie Paffard, LGBTQ Officer told Nouse: "Asexuality has often not been treated as being a legitimate identity within LGBTQ spaces. In fact, too many people seem to think that the 'A' in LGBTQIA stands for 'ally'. Asexual Awareness Week is necessary to show that ace people exist, are not gay and closeted and do not need 'fixing'.
A third-year Chemistry student commented: "I think that it's great that Asexual Awareness Week is happening here at York. I think it is important that students are informed as to what asexuality is.
"I think the film night showing the documentary about asexual issues will really help to inform students about ace issues. Also, the coffee meet-ups and nights out will really help new students get to know the ace community here at York."

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