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There is no need for people to mock other accents

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I don't know what it is about putting a bunch of unconnected people in close proximity with one another for the first time, but some people just go ham for accents. That can be pretty cool - the Glaswegian and Scouse accents are objectively entertaining to listen to, and hearing different pronunciations and slang can maybe keep you entertained for 20 minutes or so.

But you will find some types of people who will crack up like small children if someone north of the Tyne says 'book', someone north of the Trent says 'bath', or someone from near the Tamar says 'alright'. Make a mental note of their names, and avoid them. This will be the peak of their social skills.

Some people may offer perspectives on life and the world, others may have mental stories about their mates back home (these stories will invariably be false), but the 'Accent Snob' will offer nothing but giggles and weird comments. Inevitably, even those with the least offensive and rare of accents will realise that this humour has never been funny, that comparing accents is about as fun as watching Frasier, and that it's just a bit petty and tiring.

So as annoying, as aggravating, and as exhausting as these people may be, they're not worth worrying about.

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