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The funding of scholarships for refugees is inspiring

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I am so proud to be a part of the University of York this week.

On 21 September, it was revealed that the University will be fully funding a number of scholarships specifically for refugees affected by the current crisis in Syria. In his statement the following day Ben Leatham, YUSU president, praised the University for holding up its 'core values of justice and equality', and taking notice of students' concerns. He went on to outline YUSU's commitment to doing its part, and concluded with the statement 'I feel a positive and decisive set of actions led by YUSU and incorporating colleges, taking place during freshers shows new students who we are and that we will take action.'

The news just goes to show that York is truly committed to providing equal opportunities for all, and supporting those who persevere despite terrible hardships. I think the University's response has been inspiring.

I watched a fantastic video on YouTube recently, outlining why we have an obligation to provide support and opportunities for refugees, in which John Green, the video's narrator, condemned our privileged hostility to the "other". He said, quite simply, 'We are all one species sharing one profoundly interconnected world; and humans, all humans, are "our people".' This week, York prioritised compassion. We welcome all.

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