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York's Top 50 Twitter Feeds

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This may look like a Tab style filler article. And yes, that is exactly what it is. After all, my inflated sense of self importance needs an outlet.

Sit back, relax, and try not to get too annoyed if you haven't been featured.

Here are the 50 Best Twitter Feeds in York.

50. Stephen Harper @TheMeeves

Stephen asked to be included in this list. He's the Press & Publicity and Disabilities Officer for University of York Labour Club. Give him a follow. Or don't. I'm not fussed.

49. Uni of York Library @UoYLibrary

Painfully dull, and updated with alarming regularity, I much prefer to pretend this account is a parody. Hats off to whoever is in charge of this page, they cannot be getting paid enough. Follow for pure unadulterated mundanity.

48. UYNC @u_y_n_c

The University of York Netball Club are a dedicated and enthusiastic group of girls, comprising of 3 teams who compete weekly to a high level. Their twitter account provides important details for freshers' such as pre-season and trials as well as keeping everyone updated with fixtures, results and socials. Worth a follow if you plan on representing the University at netball or are simply just a fan.

47. Earworm Records @EarwormRecords

Earworm is one of York's finest record stores and is snuggly tucked away in an alleyway just off Goodramgate. Offering a wide variety of genres, most notably hip-hop, house, techno and disco this glorious shop is not to be missed. Follow them on twitter for regular stock updates and news of new releases.

46. Students in York @Students InYork

This feed may conflate ourselves with the dreaded enemy - YSJ - but has been known to offer up a witticism or two.

45. Tom Harle @Harlesy96

Tom is Nouse's Sports editor and studies English and Politics. You're likely to see him patrolling 22 acres covering whatever sport is being played. He really knows what he's doing which is very apparent from all of his college football coverage. One drawback however; he probably tweets too much about Derby County.

44. YUSU Bars @YUSUBars

An invaluable account keeping students updated with opening times and offers from the University's four main campus bars.

The Lounge is in James College located next to the RKC. Courtyard can be found in Derwent College next to Hendrix Hall, and unfortunately for my bank account, was located 20 metres from my room last year. The Kitchen is situated next to the Library, and despite being in Alcuin, is actually really good. And The Glasshouse, so I'm told, is somewhere on Hes East.

43. Scott Dawson @YUSU_Welfare

Welfare & Communities Officer Scott Dawson. Pretty dull account, as you'd expect with anything that has 'welfare' in the title, but worth a follow to keep up to date with all things welfare on campus.

42. Rob Middleton @robmid4

Rob is another one of Nouse's sports editors and spends far too much of his time on 22 acres covering sport for our benefit. Also, apparently he supports Liverpool, although he never tweets about it...

41. Beki Elmer @bekielmer

Beki is a 3rd year History student and Fashion editor of Nouse. Her feed is full of everything you'd expect from a fashion editor, including details of recent purchases and behind the scenes shots from photo shoots.

Her coverage of London Fashion Week in itself merits a follow.

40. Alex Light @AnAwfulSound

Alex is an award winning radio marketer, Station Manager of URY and Media Chair for YUSU. Quite the credentials. He has also been instrumental in the technological advances seen over at URY including the installation of in-studio webcams.

Give him a follow for a behind the scenes look at what it takes to run a studio radio station.

39. Bertie Wnek @wnekaj

Mans been representing the UK Grime scene since day. Bertie's tweets are either about hip-hop or politics, and sometimes even both. This Derwent College AFC stalwart spent his summer chilling with Stormzy and Flowdan and is quite the freestyle guru himself. Give him a follow, he'll probably hate it.

38. York Lacrosse @YorkLacross

UYLC is one of the most popular clubs here at York, with two men's teams, two women's teams, development squads and a thriving social side.

They are renowned for being the most attractive sports club on campus but in the words of Derek Zoolander "there's a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking", so thankfully they're pretty good at their sport too.

37. Chris Wall @yusuactivities

Chris Wall is the re-elected YUSUActivities officer and his job is promoting campus' 64 societies, 14 volunteering projects and various RAG events. He's an enthusiastic and driven guy and various details of the extra-curricular activities we can all get involved in are frequently featured on his twitter feed.

36. Willow Student @WillowStudent

Willow's closing down became a national news story earlier this summer which was either testament to the cult status of everyone's favourite Chinese restaurant/sweaty disco or how much we love a shit night out.

Hopefully this feed will remain alive, but if not, it can act as an historical document, reminding us of the good old days when you could get kicked out for eating too many prawn crackers or for touching the ceiling.

35. Freakin @freakinyork

Freakin have been bringing underground house music and techno to York since 1997. If you don't think York's music scene is broad enough, you're clearly looking in the wrong place, give them a follow to make sure you don't miss out.

Recent nights have seen Daniel Avery and Krysko performing and hopefully Freakin will remain instrumental in bringing higher profile acts to York.


Keep an eye on the university's star performers so you're clued up for when it comes to choosing your Nouse College Cup fantasy football team in 3rd term.

College football has immense coverage at York, eclipsing Uni football which makes no sense. Follow UYAFC for timings of fixtures and get down to support them instead of watching Alcuin 3s grind out a goalless draw with Wentworth 2s.

33. Ben Leatham @yusuprez

Another fairly standard YUSU account here full of office selfies and details from meetings with the council. That aside, Ben is genuinely one of the nicest people I've had the pleasure of meeting and I predict big things for YUSU this year with him pulling the strings.

NB. anyone who uses a Disney soundtrack as part of their campaign will have me on their side.

32. UoY Careers @UoYCareers

Admittedly not the most compelling of twitter feeds but is very useful when it comes to getting a job, which at the end of the day, I've heard is quite important. An endless supply of information is at the click of a button with upcoming job opportunities across a number of fields frequently updated. Its not going to make you laugh, but could potentially make you some money, a fair compromise I think.

31. University Radio York @URY1350

URY comes highly recommended by both their listeners. They put on a high quality schedule of shows ranging from specialist music shows, news, sports and talk shows.

They are apparently the oldest legal radio station in the country which is a mad bit of trivia. Well worth at least a follow, and why not have a listen for yourself on their website


Just some boys who play rugby.

This is a classic examples of the '3 Bs' of sports club twitter feeds: beers, balls and banter.

29. York Union @YorkUnion

This student-run speaker and debate programme has played host to some high profile names recently including scientist Lord Robert Winston, Shami Chakrabarti the director of Liberty and Jon Snow from Game of Thrones. They have also confirmed an interview with Alan Johnson, who was a cabinet minister under both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, as the first event of next term.

28. York Press @YorkPress

For those who don't want their York-based journalism written by egotistical amateurs such as myself.

27. York Pride @YorkPride

Following this feed is a great way to remain informed about LGBTQ matters across York. This registered charity are the organisers of the annual York LGBT Pride and Parade. A must follow for informative updates on all things LGBTQ.

26. UYHC @UYHC_Official

The University of York's hockey club is one of the largest sports clubs on campus comprising of 3 men's teams and 3 women's teams. They compete on Wednesdays in BUCS and on the weekends in Yorkshire league so have some of the most fixtures out of any club.

The hockey club's unprecedented performance at Roses was a particular highlight, remaining unbeaten across 10 fixtures, including a 12-0 demolition of the Lancaster Men's 2s.

This club can't be ignored, especially on Wednesdays in Salvos, and are certainly worth a follow to remain in the know with all fixtures, results and more.

25. Callum McCulloch @Callummcc94

Listen to my narcissistic ramblings on Twitter so you don't have to in real life. Believe me, I'm much more palatable on a screen than I am in person.

24. Circulation @circulationmag

Despite fundamentally disapproving of the word 'chooooons', York's only straight up music magazine is worth a look. Their print editions are also well designed and full of fantastic cartoons so look out for copies in the media bins around campus.

23. York Student TV @ystv

YSTV is England's longest-running student TV station and won awards for Best Broadcaster and Best Technical at The National Student Television Association awards last year. Not bad at all...

The people who brought us Check Mate will always hold a dear place in my heart.

22. Daniel Easton @kluens

When he's not photographing students outside Revs on a Sunday or snapping your sloppy Wednesdays at Salvos, Kluens is on his bike, often bringing along one of his many cameras to document his rides. As you would expect from a photographer, he captures the countryside stunningly, a far cry from being pestered at 2am for "just one more photo".

Oh and he probably has enough material to blackmail half the uni so stay on his good side.

21. HARD Magazine @HARD_Magazine

York's tri-annual fashion and arts magazine went from strength to strength last year and with a great team of passionate editors, photographers and models they will no doubt continue to do so. They recently redesigned their website which now looks better than ever and their twitter collates the highlights from that site as well as their frequently updated Instagram.

20. Nightline @YorkNightline

The impartial and confidential student-run listening service provides a wide variety of information useful to students on a daily basis. After speaking to Nightline, 55% of students felt more able to achieve their academic potential and 87% stated their mental well-being had improved. A great service that all students should make use of.

19. Grace Marsh @grace_marsh

Grace is a third year student currently on a year abroad in France and had a very successful tenure as Nouse's editor last year. She's a food and music lover, a great cook and plays a lot of tennis, all of which feature heavily on her feed. Her one downfall however is her unhealthy hatred of Andy Murray and scarily fierce love of Roger Federer.

18. Tommy Fong @tommyfongwillow

Its depressing to think that this year's freshers' are going to be blissfully unaware of both Tommy Fong and his establishment. Keep up to date with the legendary Tommy Fong as he settles down into his long overdue retirement.

If he comes out of retirement to host a techno night at Berghain or play alongside David Guetta at Pacha in Ibiza, you're likely to hear it here first.

17. Nouse Sport @nousesport

If you're too lazy to follow individual sports clubs this is the feed for you. Nouse Sport offer comprehensive coverage of an eye-watering number of sports as well as opinion pieces on wider sporting issues.

Particular highlights from last year were their unprecedented coverage of Roses and College Cup. Just give them a follow, it won't take a second.

16. York Vice @yorkissocool

Easily the best of the parody accounts York has to offer. Try not to spend too much time scrolling through the posts though otherwise you'll get upset that you didn't get into a trendier University.

15. Dr Chris Renwick @ChrisRenwick

Senior Modern History lecturer Chris Renwick looks like Paul Weller and has a similarly dry sense of humour. He cuttingly tweets about politics and sport amongst other things and will make all of your lecturers seem decidedly dull.

14. The Lemon Press @thelemonpress

The University of York's humour magazine has a great twitter presence offering up plenty of news and campus related jibes that are guaranteed to make you laugh. They won the NUS award for Best Student Media in 2010 and have since been nominated in the Best Student Publication category of the Guardian Student Media Awards. The Lemon Press is an alternative, yet crucial string to York University's media bow.

13. The Tab York @TheTabYork

All of their tweets are stolen from The Tab head office because nothing exciting ever happens in York, but who doesn't love sensationalist click-bait with our city's name on?

In truth, they aren't all that bad, I'm just bitter they haven't asked me to write for them yet.

12. Duck of the Day @duckoftheday

Does what it says on the tin.

11. David K Smith @professor_dave

One of the few tutors in this list, David Smith specialises in Supramolecular and Nanoscale Chemistry which is apparently a thing. He tweets about science, education, politics and "general nonsense" with great regularity and manages to remain engaging.

10. Thomas Ron @YUSUAcademic

Thomas Ron, or Tron as he is more commonly known, is not only YUSU's Academic Officer, but The Tab York's BNOC of the year for 2015. Quite the CV. Also, Tron related posts dominate York's Yik Yak so there is literally no excuse not to know who he is.

Tron is a big fan of politics and won't shy away from debate. We all look forward to seeing what he can bring to YUSU over the coming year so is certainly worth a follow.

9. Munchies York @MunchiesYork

York's 1 year-old* cake-away service has a mouth watering array of sugary goodness. The talented bunch at Munchies HQ will deliver freshly made desserts straight to your door so you can have your cake and eat it.

You're welcome people.

*the business is 1 year-old, not the cakes.

8. Harry Whittaker @HarryTwittaker

Harry may have graduated from York this summer, but will be known to many as the host of URY's aptly named 'The Harry Whittaker Show'. Game shows such as 'Slappy Christmas' and 'Game of Scones' endeared him to many. Give him a follow to see what graduate life holds for this York institution.

7. Jonny Long @iamjonnylong

Jonny is York Vision's Sports Editor yet still manages to be a decent bloke.

He would be an unbelievable journalist if he spent as much time writing as he does playing darts.

6. Grace Clarke @YorkSportPres

Grace's Twitter feed is full of unnecessary capitalisation, exclamation marks and hashtags. This aside, her enthusiasm for her role is palpable and with someone this dynamic and energetic at the helm of York Sport, only good things can be on the horizon for the coming year.

5. Nouse @YorkNouse

Chances are you've heard of us as you're reading this article. Nouse is the University's oldest registered society having been founded in 1964 and came runner up to York Vision in 2014 at the Guardian Student Media Awards for Best Student Newspaper. The paper aims to offer the latest in news, reviews, opinions and much more around campus and the country as a whole, the highlights of which are posted on the twitter feed.

4. York Vision @YorkVision

As fans of hyperbole, I'm surprised Vision's below headline wasn't about York's solely white, male University Challenge team.

Vision, irksome as it may be, is the most decorated student newspaper in the country so is probably worth at least a cursory look.

3. Chris Owen @ChristophOwen

One of the very few twitter feeds that makes me laugh on a regular basis. Chris, a second year English Literature student, is Nouse's Music Editor and really knows what he's talking about. He's a thoroughly wonderful chap which is an added bonus.

2. Jack Gevertz @imjackyeah

Annoyingly well qualified. Jack is an Ex-Editor of York Vision, winner of Student Journalist of the Year in 2014 and has written for The Guardian and The Independent. He's already quite important and I can only imagine he will become even more so.

1. Thomas Armston-Clarke @iamtomac

Tom A-C was the runner-up in The Tab York's BNOC of the year competition despite not being at the University last year. He didn't seem to take it particularly well however commenting that "Coming second to Tron is like being involved in a near fatal car crash - you hope and pray it never happens but when it does it ruins your life." But he's not entirely as terrible as everyone may say.

Chef, entrepreneur, journalist, sportsman, the list goes on. Although he is nearly 30 so he's had more time than most of us.

An absolute must follow.

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not Helena Horton Posted on Sunday 17 Jan 2021

Why is this list so male dominated? Also you left off BNOC Helena Horton who is a famous journalist AND has a blue tick. Disgraceful


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