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Club Profiles: Wing Chun

How to get involved with Wing Chun at the University of York

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About the sport/club

Wing Chun is a nononsense, practical martial art excellent for self-defense on the street. As a martial art it has the lot; kicks, punches, palm strikes, finger strikes, elbows, locks and throws. It focuses on simple, quick movements using structure and power rather than physical strength. It has a rich heritage as a Chinese martial art made famous by Ip Man, Bruce Lee's teacher.

When are trials?

There are no teams but we train Wednesdays 7-8.30pm at Tang Hall community centre and Sunday 10.30am-1pm in the Derwent Performance Studio. We are hoping to have another session running mid week this year. Total beginners are welcome at every session.

Why should you try this sport?

Wing Chun is great for self defense, fitness and self confidence. It's also just really good fun. Our fantastic instructor is part of the famous Ip Man lineage so you too would be and that's pretty special.

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