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Image: David Phan
Image: David Phan

You'll be hard pushed to find a society that's not for you at the University of York. If you've held a special interest for a long time now or if you've found one that you'd like to learn more about, then more likely than not, there'll be plenty of students eager to share their passion for the same subject. Take a look at the range of special interest societies that you know you'll love or that you just fancy a go at.

Anime & Manga Society
The Anime & Manga Society run events such as quiz nights, gaming nights, socials and weekly screening of anime. As well as these, the society also organises trips to conventions and film festivals.

Astronomy Society (AstroSoc)
With their very own AstroCampus, this society is the perfect place for those interested in the night's sky. As well as observing the space above, the society also hosts a number of other related activities including sci-fi film socials and opportunities for fancy dress.

Doctor Who Society
For lovers of any Doctor from Hartnell to Capaldi, if you're both a student and a Whovian, then Doctor Who Society is no doubt for you. The society hosts screenings, socials, games nights, meals, fancy dress events and creative projects related to the popular sci-fi TV show.

Douglas Adams Society (DougSoc)
Dedicated not so much to the sci-fi/fantasy writer but more the spirit of Douglas Adams. This society emphasise inclusivity and is open especially to those who feel out of place in other societies. DougSoc's key activities are social and serve to provide an entertaining diversion from student life.

Feminist Society (FemSoc)
A society dedicated to promoting dialogue relating to feminism, weekly discussions have previously included the topics of 'Queer Theory' and 'Women in Literature'. As well as discussion, FemSoc also hosts craft workshops, nights out and potlucks, creating an inclusive environment for all interested.

Fetish Society (FetSoc)
For those curious about kink, FetSoc is the perfect place to explore their sexual interests. FetSoc includes workshops, social events, discussion groups, kinky coffees, show and tell, and workshops - usually meeting a massive three times a week.

Game Development Society (DevSoc)
DevSoc provides students with the skills, resources and connections to catalyse game development in both a leisure and professional capacity. It can be an excellent avenue to both meet like-minded people and get help from others in making your game successful.

HP Muggle Society
It's not quite Dumbledore's Army, but for those eager on both Harry Potter books and films Muggle Society is the place to be. The society runs quiz nights, scavenger hunts, game nights, film nights and Harry Potter themed evenings. Additionally, it runs a muggle version of the popular wizarding game Quidditch, training each Saturday in the hope of qualifying for the British Quidditch cup.

Lego Society (LegoSoc)
The society for Lego-lovers, LegoSoc features plenty of opportunities to build and talk about Lego as well as watching Lego movies.

LGBTQ Society
A friendly environment for all non-heterosexual and/or non-cisgendered students at York. Running events twice weekly, LGBTQ society serves to enhance a sense of community amongst students of different sexual orientation and identities.

Life Matters
A group for students who subscribe to the belief that every person's life matters from conception to natural death. Life Matters hopes to promote dialogue through meetings and debate on issues relating to the value of life such as abortion and euthanasia.

Medieval Society
A society for individuals with an interest in any aspect of the medieval period. A large part of the societies activities include re-enactments which allows members to combine interests in medieval fighting, costuming, camping, cooking, dancing and even shouting!

Quite Interesting Society
For the precocious, the inquisitive or just fans of the show QI itself, the Quite Interesting Society engages in quiz based activities from treasure hunts and movie nights to murder mystery evenings.

Rock and Alternative Music Society (The Fringe)
For alternative music fans, The Fringe spans across the genres so everyone gets the opportunity to enjoy the music they love. Music socials aplenty are to be had, with the society enjoying links in the local alternative community. Especially good for vegan snacks, dried fruit and herbs!

Scoop Student Co-operative
The provider not-for-profit co-operative shop, this society makes it their mission to provide healthy, ethical and local goods to members on a student budget, with all products sold at the price the society buys them.

Sherlock Society (SherSoc)
Dedicated to classic detective, Sherlock Holmes, SherSoc views different adaptations featuring the mystery solver as well as group readings. The society provides related activity in the form of murder mysteries and games including Sherlock Cluedo.

Taylor Swift Society (SwiftSoc)
A group for students with a common interest in pop icon Taylor Swift. The society engages in a variety of activities including quizzes, bar crawls, discussion of social issues and fundraising events such as 'Bake it Off'.

Tolkien Society (TolkSoc)
For those interested in the life and works of 'The Lord of the Rings' writer, J.R.R. Tolkien. The society provides an opportunity to discuss the author's works as well as watching their film adaptations.

Wildlife Society (WildSoc)
A society focussed on education and support of the natural world. Discussions of issues such as wildlife crime, global warming and overpopulation are held as well as activities geared towards developing a sustainable planet.


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