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Aerobics Society
Aerobics Society is a great way to stay fit even if you're not particularly sporty as it caters to all levels of fitness. A range of different sessions are held four days every week, including Metafit and toning classes. The sessions are usually held in James Dining Hall and cost £2.50 each or £1 for paid members of the society. Aerobics Society has been nominated for Society of the Year on several occasions and also holds regular socials.

Airsoft and Paintball Society (A£oc)
Airsoft and Paintball Society hold at least one event every fortnight where students can compete either in teams or as individuals. Airsoft is a lesser known version of paintballing in which plastics BB pellets are shot instead of dye pellets. The society are planning to get Airsoft guns which members will be able to borrow and hope to offer students the chance to get a UKARA licence once they've attended a certain amount of games.

Chess Society
Chess Society aims to prove that chess can be fun by playing relaxed games in D Bar every week. However, more competitive members can take part in the local league and British Universities' Chess Association championship. The society also holds the annual Northern Universities Chess Championship and organises at least one chess tournament of its own each term.

Enigma Society (EnigmaSoc)
EnigmaSoc describes itself as "a puzzle, wrapped in a mystery, surrounded by a lake of the unknown, shrouded in myth and legend". It holds several puzzle-themed games and activities plus mystery-themed socials throughout the year.

FragSoc hold three LAN events a term where gamers can play either competitively or casually with each other. The society also organises regular socials including cinema trips, quiz nights and laser tag.

GO Society (York GO)
A society dedicated to supporting people who want to learn how to play GO, a strategic board game thought to have originated in China. The society meets up weekly to play the game, which is also known as Weiqi and Baduk, and aims to promote the game as well.

Gym Society (York Muscle)
York Muscle does not hold guided training sessions but encourages members of the university gym to socialise, train together and exchange ideas. It holds various social events and group activities for gym members to take part in and aims to create a friendly and approachable environment within the gym.

HAZSoc organises large campus games that are open to anyone. The games that HAZSoc play include Assassin Circle and Humans vs Zombies. They also hold NERF wars, pillow fights and socials such as their '2.8 Hours Later' bar crawl.

Juggle Society
Juggle Society meet up twice a week to practise juggling and other circus skills. Beginners are welcome and don't need to have their own equipment to take part - the society has its own diablos, hula hoops and unicycles among other things to lend its members.

Outdoor Society
There are two divisions within Outdoor Society. The larger branch organises Sunday day trips to various places in Yorkshire and nearby counties. Each trip involves two walks, usually on gentle terrain, and members do not require any previous experience to take part. In contrast, the smaller branch of Outdoor Society, Ben Lairig, focuses on mountainous terrain.

Pokemon Society (PokeSoc)
PokeSoc meet up every week and host a range of events, including movie nights, gaming and card tournaments and fancy dress competitions. The society also takes part in several inter-university and national Pokemon tournaments.

Poker Society
Poker society aim to teach students how to play the card game and improve their poker skills. It hold weekly tournaments and plans to enter teams in national championships.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Society
This society is perfect for fans of science fiction and fantasy, whether you love roleplaying games or simply enjoying watching TV shows and films that belong to the two genres. Members get a special membership card which entitles them to 10% off any RPG books they buy in Travelling Man, which is situated on Goodramgate.

Slackline Society
Slacklining involves balancing on tensioned webbing and is said to combine the "best parts of trampolining and tightrope walking. Slackline Society always welcomes new members to its relaxed sessions and can set up multiple lines that require different levels of experience so everyone is able to take part. University is the perfect time to learn a new skill - so why not give slacklining a go?

Yoga Society
Yoga Society holds three classes a week (Ashtanga yoga for beginners, Ashtanga yoga for improvers and dynamic balance for mixed abilities) led by an experienced teacher. It's a great way to relieve stress while building your body's strength and flexibility.

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