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Image: Alan Newman
Image: Alan Newman

With the wealth of societies that York has to offer, some of the largest are societies dedicated to certain subjects and career paths. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or a budding art historian, there is a society for you here at York.

Applied Social Sciences and Social Policy Society (ASS)
ASS is a society aimed at bringing students who are interested in the Applied Social Sciences and Social Policy together in an informal setting. They hold speaker events, socials and trips out throughout the year.

Archaeology Society (ArchSoc)
ArchSoc is a collection of students and lecturers who share an interest in archaeology; the society is very active within the Archaeology Department. They put on a number of socials and events each term, such as film nights, guest lectures, trips, taster sessions and nights out. They hold two big events every year, their summer and winter balls - if you have a real passion for Archeology, then this is the society for you!

Art History Society
Art History Society provides an opportunity for students to attend talks given by guest speakers, either from within the University of York or externally. The society also hosts a wide range of social events, which allow students to meet others with an interest in Art or Art History.

Biomedical Sciences Society (BiomedSoc)
BiomedSoc aims to promote the understanding of Biomedical Sciences (BMS) for students on the course and others interested in the field. They organise a variety of activities including BMS/Medicine-related seminars and conferences, career events and, of course, socials, all of which allows students to network and meet new people within the BMS course.

Biosciences Society (BioSoc)
BioSoc is a society that brings people from all branches of the Biosciences degrees together through fun events, socials and excursions. In previous years, they have hosted quizzes, nights out in York, a trip to the aquarium, as well as lectures from departmental speakers. If you love Biosciences, then why not join BioSoc?

Bright Futures
Bright Futures is a uniquely careers-focused national student society at the University of York. It aims to help our students maximise their employability skills as well as provides them with insights into how organisations works and how to make yourself stand out in this competitive job market.

Business, Accounting and Management Society (BAM Soc)
BAM Soc is the official society for all students studying in the York Management School (TYMS). The society organises both social and professional events; which often include networking, employability and skills developments sessions. If you see yourself as a future business leader, then BAM Soc could be perfect for you!

Chemistry Society (ChemSoc)
ChemSoc is the society for chemists; it helps chemists socialize outside of lectures and labs with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic social events such as Breaking Bad nights out and tea parties! ChemSoc also works with lecturers to provide seasonal lectures, presentation practices and amazingly titled - Battle of the Professors.

Criminology and Criminal Justice Society (CrimSoc)
CrimSoc is a society for students who study Criminology. They run loads of events throughout the year, including inviting guest speakers to talk, for example, prison officers. They also run quiz nights and run socials which often involve a degree of fancy dress. CrimSoc also organise and attend events such as crime conventions and the society also organise day trips to prisons and police stations.

Economics Society
Economics Society is one of the largest academic societies on campus. They run regular socials which range from club nights to pub quizzes. They publish a magazine called Equilibrium which comes out twice a year and is based around currents political and economic affairs. If you're a budding economist, then why not join Economic Society?

Education Society (EdSoc)
EdSoc run socials, fundraisers and volunteering opportunities at least once per term. The society endeavours to cater to the needs of everyone by holding non-alcoholic socials, as part of their social calendar. They are always on the lookout for new members, you don't have to study Education to join!

Entrepreneurs Society
York Entrepreneurs aims to inform, involve and support all students interested in enterprise, business and the associated skills. If you think you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur, then this society is the one for you!

Global Health Medsin
Global Health Medsin aim to raise awareness about global health issues by holding speaker events (usually two per term) and monthly pub debates on global health. The society hope to begin running campaigns and starting petitions on campus in the New Year and are always on the lookout for new members.

HackSoc is the University of York's Computer Science society. They run a healthy mix of academic and social events. Which includes a weekly lunchtime social in the Glasshouse, the Langwith College bar on Heslington East. They are always pleased to welcome new members, so feel free to turn up to one of their events!

History Society
History Society aims to offer a range of activities to suit all historical interests, ranging from academic events such as 'Meet the Tutors', to historical day trips to venues such as York's Treasurer's House. The History Society also host social events including themed nights alongside two extended trips per year - one within the UK, and one aimed at exploring a historically cultural foreign city. If you're passionate about history, then this may well be the society for you!

The Investment and Finance Society (IFS)
The Investment and Finance Society (IFS) represent the finance community at the University of York and provide financial education and hands on experience to their members. Their key focus is to create a friendly and inclusive community of bright and ambitious students looking to break into the world of finance. They run numerous events throughout the year such as talks with guest speakers, networking events with industry professionals and educational workshops.

Law Society
Law Society aims to provide those interested in a legal career, whether this be as a lawyer or a barrister, with a wealth of opportunities to develop their skills and further their experience. They arrange careers related workshops, presentations and advice in association with a number of law firms and barristers chambers. They also host their big, annual networking Careers Dinner, which is attended by a variety of law firms and barristers chambers and is a great way for students to network with legal professionals.

Linguistics Society
The Linguistics Society is a student-led group of individuals who have a real passion for linguistics. They run numerous events, from discussions to games, all of which are linked to linguistics in some way. They are determined to get everyone involved, regardless of academic speciality and are keen to welcome new members.

Literature Society (LitSoc)
LitSoc is an opportunity-driven society which provides a variety of events, which range from socials to academic and careers events aimed at all those interested in literature. They host events each week of the term diverse enough to pique a range of interests.

Marketing and Advertising Society (MADSoc)
MADSoc is a society for students with an interest in both the marketing or advertising industries and wish to gain experience and learn more about them in a fun and casual environment. The society aims to educate and entertain members via relaxed sessions that teach basic techniques, they also host termly lectures from experts in the field.

Maths Society
Maths Society is a society aimed at everyone with an interest in mathematics. They organise public lectures delivered by globally renowned external speakers who are leaders in their field. Maths Society also run study groups aimed at ensuring students are fully supported with their exam preparation. They also offer a diverse array of social events, so why not sign up to Maths Society at Freshers Fair?

Medical Society (MedSoc)
MedSoc provides pastoral and academic support for medical students at York and aims to represent their needs both locally and nationally. The society organises talks and society events each term and are responsible for integrating the medical school within the rest of the university. MedSoc is the perfect society for medical students to join!

Midwifery Society (MidSoc)
MidSoc run study days for student midwives and those interested in midwifery, pregnancy and birth. They aim to enable student midwives from all cohorts to socialize as well as involving others who may be interested in pursuing midwifery as a second degree. MidSoc provide peer support to those on clinical placement as well as raise funds for relevant charities.

Nursing Society (NurSoc)
NurSoc are a society run by nursing students for nursing students, with the aims of enriching their university experience by running social events, organising fundraising activities and also finding guest speakers relevant to their interests. If you are a nursing student, then why not join NurSoc?

Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society (OBGYN@York)
OBGYN@York aims to give students in the Hull York Medical School the opportunity to add depth to their portfolio surrounding OBGYN, and raise interest in the speciality. They also recognise the large deficit in maternity care worldwide; subsequently, fundraising is a core part of the society's portfolio. They also run talks as well as revision sessions and guidance for students wishing to get some early exposure and experience in OBGYN.

Paediatric Medicine Society (PaedSoc)
PaedSoc is a society for students interested in paediatric medicine as a future career or those wishing to find out more about paediatric medicine. The society runs lecture evenings with guest speakers ranging from elective students to consultant paediatric surgeons. They also offer the wide range contacts needed to set up CV-enhancing volunteering opportunities.

Philosophy Society
The Philosophy Society is an academic society, made up of like-minded people interested in discussing philosophical ideas in informal debate. Society members meet around campus and sometimes in pubs and bars. They welcome those who are already knowledgeable in philosophical matters as well as those who are completely new to philosophy. So, if you have a passion for philosophy, or are keen to learn more about the subject, then look out for Philosophy Society at Freshers Fair.

Physics Society (PhysSoc)
PhysSoc aim to provide a series of academic and social opportunities for anyone with an interest in Physics. They are always on the lookout for new members, so whether you're well versed in the subject, or completely new to it, you're more than welcome to join PhysSoc.

Psychology Society (PsychSoc)
PsychSoc is a society for students who study, or who have an interest in psychology. The society will be organising regular social events, on and off-campus all year round, including an event for first years as well as a winter formal towards the end of the first term. The society also aims to play a key part in integrating first years into the department by holding an icebreaker session and providing upper years as 'parents', whose primary role is to provide any assistance as necessary, especially in the first weeks of term.

Rotaract Society
Rotaract is a society that provides an opportunity for young men and women to enhance the knowledge and skills that will assist them in personal development, to address the physical and social needs of their communities, and to promote better relations between all people worldwide through a framework of friendship and service.

Science (STEM) Competitions Society
Science (STEM) Competitions Society organize seminars, workshops, discussions and open lectures on subjects relevant to a variety of STEM competitions. For example, they have previously run activities related to synthetic biology to create interest and improve participation in iGEM. They also provide help and advice to students who want to enter individual or group STEM competitions.

ShockSoc is the University of York's Electronics Society. The society is designed to help electronics students and anyone else interested in electronics, to expand their knowledge and skills whilst also socialising and interacting with like-minded people. They conduct regular lab sessions and give their members opportunities to buy and build cool kits such as guitar pedals and 3D LED cubes. Socially, the society hosts frequent social events like their famous open mic nights. They also provide society members with career advice and workshops. If you have a real passion for electronics, then this could be the society for you!

Social and Political Sciences Society (S£Soc)
S£soc aims to create a sense of community between students of, and students with an interest in, the social sciences. They also give students a better understanding of careers available to them after their time at York. Throughout the forthcoming year, they will be running regular socials and events, including guest speakers, throughout the year.

Sociology Society (SocSoc)
SocSoc are an academic society that provides support for students who study Sociology. The society organises meetings and socials to give students the chance to meet people on their course.

SPiKL Language Exchange Society (SPiKL)
SPiKL provides a platform for university members who wish to learn or practice a foreign language with a native or fluent speaker who is also a university member. Ideally, you would find a language partner who can help you in return for your help. The society wishes to stress that it doesn't provides classes, materials or lessons and that students should contact Languages For All (LFA) if they wish to enrol in formal language classes.

TEDxUoY is committed to bring York the spirit of TED to York and promote the spreading of ideas though short powerful talks. TEDxUoY aims to provide a large range of topics of particular interest to students. The society hosts regular socials throughout the year in addition to talks and mini conferences. They also hold an annual conference, which is their big event of the year, a full day of talks by some of the most inspiring speaks.

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