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Faith and International Societies

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Image: Thomas Hawk
Image: Thomas Hawk

There are many different societies at the University representing different faiths and cultures from around the world. These societies help to provide a spiritual, cultural and academic network of support for students throughout their time at York. All are welcoming of any students attending the University who have an interest in the respective faith or culture.

African Caribbean Society (ACS)

ACS is a group that meets to engage with African and Caribbean culture through talks and events. It provides a relaxed atmosphere for individuals to be able to learn and have a good supportive community.

Anglican Students' Society (AngSoc)

AngSoc supports students who want to engage with the Christian faith and Anglican tradition. Welcoming people of faith and as well as those who are not, this society discusses various issues from an Anglican perspective and helps others to gain understanding of the religion.

Brunei Society (Bru-York)

Brunei Society allows people from the Southeast Asian state to meet others with the same cultural background, and those who are interested in learning about the state, its history and traditions.

Catholic Students' Society (CaSSoc)

CaSSoc are a group of Catholic students who meet and talk about the Christian faith. The society meets weekly near campus to discuss issues regarding students and aim to expand society members' knowledge of Christianity.

Chinese Society (York CSSA)

Chinese Society provides a friendly and welcoming community for York students from China to meet new people. It also aims to bridge the gap between Chinese and non-Chinese cultural communication.

Christian Union (CU)

The Christian Union is a group of students from all denominations of Christianity who meet weekly to discuss the gospel. There are separate CU meetings within each college as well. The CU organises a weekend away every year and have many other events going on throughout the year.

German Society (DeutschSoc)

The German Society meets regularly to enjoy German culture through watching German films, eating German food and visiting the BierKeller in York. The society welcomes those wanting to explore German culture in a fun environment.

Hellenic Society (YUHS)

Hellenic Society aims to explore and appreciate Greek and Greek-Cypriot culture. It provides an opportunity for Greek students to meet people of a similar culture to promote Greek heritage. The society meets weekly to discuss future events and issues of interest to the students in the group.

Hong Kong Society

Hong Kong Society helps to provide a happy and welcoming community for students coming to York from Hong Kong. The group meets to have movie nights, discuss their experiences as students and is a good way for freshers to meet new people.

Hungarian Society

Hungarian Society is a group of students who meet weekly to engage with the language, culture and interests of Hungarian students at the University. The society welcomes all who have an interest in Hungary and has plans to invite Hungarian economists and politicians to the University to discuss the issues of the students in York.

Islamic Society (YorkISOC)

Islamic Society welcomes Muslim students, or those with an interest in Islam to meet and reflect on the teachings of Islam. It provides spiritual, academic and welfare support to Muslim students at York. The society has a weekly Friday prayer on campus and meets at other times to discuss issues affecting Muslim students.

Italian Society

Italian Society is a group of students who are interested in Italian culture, whether they are studying Italian, are from Italy or are interested in learning about Italy from people with similar interests. The society hosts cooking classes, movie nights and socials, all aimed at enriching members' understanding of Italian culture.

Japanese Society

Japanese Society provides weekly language classes in a conversational style to allow non-Japanese students to learn the language. The society hosts a variety of events like sushi parties and an annual Matsuri with the aim of giving students at York a taste of Japanese culture and tradition.

Jewish Society

Jewish Society allows Jewish students at York to meet others of the same faith and helps settle new students into university life. There is a Friday night dinner held every week by the society to welcome in Shabbat together and there are events going on throughout the year, including meeting Jewish students from the other surrounding universities.

Kazakhstan Society (Nomads)

Kazakhstan Society meets every week and provides a social group for people from Kazakhstan and Central Asia. The members and welcoming environment help students from those areas meet other students with the same cultural background.

Korean Cultural Society

Korean Cultural Society hosts many events to encourage students from Korea or with an interest in Korean culture to meet, make friends and appreciate Korean traditions. The society has a weekly language class which welcomes students who are non-Korean and would like to learn the language. In addition, the society hosts Korean movie nights, K-pop nights and Korean food nights.

Latin American Society

Latin American Society welcomes those interested in Latin culture and traditions. The appreciation of the culture is cultivated through eating Latin food, drinking Latin drinks, and dancing salsa, tango, merengue and others cultural dances. This is as well as learning about the various Latin American languages and history.

Lithuanian Society

Lithuanian Society aims to build a strong and supportive Lithuanian community in York. It takes part in the University's Global Week and allows students to meet new people. Members are also encouraged to help the wider community that includes children from Lithuania and bilingual families.

Malaysian Society

Malaysian Society encourages students from Malaysia to meet and become involved in different events hosted by the society. The society celebrates Chinese New Year and Hari Raya Haji and hosts weekly sporting events to keep members active and gives them an opportunity to get to know each other in a fun way.

Polish Society

Polish Society brings together people from Poland and those who are interested in Polish language and culture who are at the University. It provides support for people who are feeling homesick or those who want to make friends from the same country and with similar interests.

Quakers on Campus

Quakers on Campus is a society for people from a Quaker background who would like to meet others with the same beliefs. They hold a weekly worship meeting on campus, followed by coffee and cake so that members can get to know each other. The society also allows students discuss Quaker and Humanist issues in a welcoming environment.

Romanian Society (YRS)

YRS unites Romanian nationals and those interested in Romanian culture who are at the University. The society provides cultural and academic support to students from Romania. It also aims to integrate Romanian students into life in the city of York as a whole.

Russian Speaking Society

Russian Speaking Society welcomes all students that are from Russian-speaking countries and helps to create a support network from students of those nations. It also encourages and helps those who are non-Russian speaking to learn the language. The society has social events where members can eat, drink and get to know each other.

Saudi Students Society

Saudi Students Society provides a secure and friendly social environment for Saudi students to meet others of the same culture. The society organises different activities for students to socialise and engage with Saudi culture.

Scandinavian Society

Scandinavian Society brings together people from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland to socialise, learn about Scandinavian culture and play games. The society also welcomes people who are just interested in Scandinavian culture.

Singapore Society (SingSoc)

Singapore Society provides a welcoming environment for people from Singapore who are attending the University. The society hosts socials, arranges meet-ups with Singapore Societies from around the UK and promotes traditional Singaporean food, culture and games.

Thai Society

Thai Society is a group that aims to integrate Thai students at York into the University. They participate in ISA (International Student Association) activities, is a part of Samakeegame and is looking into having a session on Thai music in the next year.

Turkish Society

Turkish Society aims to share Turkish culture with the members of the group and the wider community. Their activities include Turkish coffee nights, Turkish folk dancing, Turkish language classes and Turkish feasts. It provides a hub for Turkish students attending the University.

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