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Student Support Services At York

James Humpish talks you through the support services that are available to students here at York

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The YUSU building in 2010

Everyone comes to university expecting to have fun and live care-free. While it may not turn out exactly that way all the time, there are a number of support services within the University of York that offer a range of different ways to make sure that your student experience can be the best it can possibly be.

Advice & Support Centre

YUSU's hub for helping students handle the problems they might encounter at university, the Advice & Support Centre provides guidance both directly and indirectly. The Academic & Welfare Coordinator, Mel Fox, concentrates both on individual cases in need of support and preparing YUSU's sabbatical officers on meetings with the university - making sure that YUSU and the university are able to see eye to eye on welfare matters. Along with the Student Support Hub, the Advice & Support Centre is there to support you with help concerning academia, money, health, security and a range of other issues.


As York is one of a select few universities to have the college system, your student experience can be enhanced by an additional layer of support. Each college has a range of staff members who are there to ensure student wellbeing including the Provost or Head of College, the Assistant Head and the college tutors. Additionally, each college has a Junior Common Room Committee (JCRC) which includes welfare representatives. This means that if there's an issue, you would feel comfortable talking about it in a pastoral setting like a college and with students you're familiar with, you have a reassuring environment in which to do so.

Disability Services

As well as YUSU's own active Disability Student Network, the University has its own Disability Services in place to provide assessment and provision of aid to those with disabilities or who develop a disability. As well as this, Disability Services distribute a range of information on funding, facilities, assessments and specific impairments, this is located in the Sally Baldwin Buildings, Block B and is open from 10am-4pm on weekdays.


Run by students for students, Nightline is York's active listening team. It is open from 8pm-8am every night of term and is designed to be there when all other services are closed. They are non-judgemental, non-directive and non-assumptive which can be great for students when they need to vent and aren't looking to be told what to do. You can talk to them about anything you like and they also offer free information, sexual health supplies and hot drinks. So students feel comfortable contacting Nightline, there are lots of ways you can reach them. They can be visited in the New Building Annexe which is just next to the Charles XII pub in Heslington village or on Mondays and Thursdays, in Pod 3 by the Ron Cooke Hub 8pm-11:30pm as well. They can also be reached by phone on 01904 323735, by email at or by their instant message service at

Open Door Team

If you think you may benefit from counselling or have a mental health concern you'd like to address, then the Open Door Team is there to provide short and long-term support. After booking an initial appointment, the Open Door Team can assess what kind of help you might benefit from and make use of its multi-professional team to ensure that the right kind of person is assisting you. Initial Appointments are arranged via the Student Support Services Hub but it operates as a distinct body. While some note that there can be a lengthy period in scheduling an appointment, if drop-outs occur it is possible that they'll contact you to bring the appointment ahead. The Open Door Team is located in the Sally Baldwin Buildings, Block B and is open both term time and vacation time.

Student Support Hub

If you run into a problem but don't know the best way of handling it, the Student Support Hub will help make appointments to get advice or give a second opinion. It will help if you run into money or housing problems, if you've found yourself with physical or mental health concerns, if you've had issues with your degree any many, many more. Conveniently located in the Market Square upstairs from Nisa, the Student Support Hub is open from 9am-5pm on Monday-Friday throughout term as well as 10pm-4pm during the holidays. The Student Support Hub serves as a great resource if you think you need advice and you want to make sure you go to the right place.

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