Accommodation statistics reveal Alcuin to be most popular college among York offer holders

Meanwhile, only 9 per cent of prospective students have opted to live in Goodricke College, making it the least popular college for prospective students

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Image: Nouse
Image: Nouse

The University has released figures outlining the accommodation and college preferences of prospective students for the next academic year.

The University recently changed the old accommodation allocation system, replacing it with a new one that requires students who have selected York as their firm choice to outline their preferences for first year accommodation before they receive their exam results. So far, just over 3,000 students have made their preferences known.

Within the top three preferences stated by students thus far, 16 per cent would prefer a catered room, while 72 per cent of students would prefer ensuite accommodation.

Only 15 per cent of students have a preference for basic economy rooms, while 25 per cent would prefer mid-range rooms, but 60 per cent have a preference for premium accommodation or above.

In the battle of the campuses, Heslington West came out on top as 69 per cent of students stated their preference to live on Heslington West, while only 31 per cent of students opted for Heslington East.

Alcuin is currently the most popular college for prospective students, as 19 per cent stated their preference for Alcuin. The next two popular colleges are Derwent and James, with a total of 30 per cent of students stating their preference for the two colleges.

York's newest college, Constantine, is proving to be relatively popular, as 12 per cent of prospective students have opted to live there during their first year of study. The least popular college for potential first year students is Goodricke, with only nine per cent outlining the Heslington East college as their preferential choice.

A second-year Biology student told Nouse: "I'm surprised that only 15 per cent of students have opted for basic economy rooms, especially when you take into account that rent prices keep on rising.

"However, I think that the new system for outlining accommodation preferences is a vast improvement on the old one."

Meanwhile, a second-year Psychology student told Nouse: "I'm not surprised that Goodricke is the least popular college among prospective students. As much as I enjoy college events like GoodFest, I would have preferred to live on Hes West in first year.

"The rooms are of a good standard and are well equipped, but the price you pay for them isn't representative of the standard of the rooms."

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