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TV Review: The Walking Dead Series 5 Episode 15: 'Try'

Who are the mysterious group outside Alexandria? Liam Dooley reviews as The Walking Dead builds up to a dramatic series finale

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The Walking Dead Episode 15


This review contains spoilers

The peace and tranquillity of Alexandria has finally been broken this week, with Rick coming to blows with Pete in a very public way. Out in the street, covered in blood and pointing his gun at the Alexandrians who've come out to watch the brawl, Rick has had enough of their carelessness. He knows all about the dangers of the world outside their walls, but there has been no way to make Deanna listen. After Father Gabriel's warning and the death of her son last week, she is beginning to regret letting the group into Alexandria in the first place, and now she seems pretty set on exiling Rick. With danger lurking outside Alexandria, in the form of the mysterious group that Daryl and Aaron have been tracking, as well as the growing rift forming inside the walls, 'Try' sets the stage for a dramatic season finale.
Line of the week: It's their world. We're just living in it. - Enid

Speaking of this outside threat, who exactly are these people? All that we really know of them is that they enjoy dismembering walkers, leaving people tied to trees to be eaten alive and engraving the letter 'W' onto the foreheads of every walker that they meet. All of which doesn't sound very friendly! They are most likely the same group who had attacked Noah's community and we had been given a clue then as to their name by the graffiti that they left there saying: "wolves not far". Wolves would definitely explain the 'W' calling card, but the purpose of these marks is still left unanswered. Still, in this episode there seemed to be an increasing amount of walkers surrounding Alexandria. Could the Wolves be using them to whittle down the Alexandrians' ammo supply, in preparation for an attack on the camp? Or maybe they're just testing them to work out their strength? Either way, we are most likely going to find out next week in the season finale.

Aside from all of the violence in this episode, we also got to see a little more interaction between Carl and Enid. I still don't trust her, and I'm pretty sure that she has something to do with the Wolves. When Carl was following her and she began to speak to him, he could hear her but couldn't see her until she revealed herself. Earlier in the episode Michonne and Rosita were out in the woods and had heard something but didn't see anything either. They put it down to them being out of practice, but it could equally be a kind of concealment used by the Wolves. Regardless of whether this connected or not, there is still something shady about Enid. We know nothing of her backstory except that her mother has died, but apart from that she is reluctant to tell Carl anything. She says that he scares her, but what about him is so frightening to her? Perhaps she has genuinely developed feelings for him, and knows about a planned attack on Alexandria where he most likely will get hurt or killed?

One of the show's producers, Gale Anne Hurd, said on Talking Dead that "there will be blood, and not just walker blood," in next week's 90 minute season finale. The most likely candidates to die are probably Pete and Tara. I can't see Pete sticking around for much longer now that his abusive nature has been publicly outed. Whether or not that means death at the hands of Rick or exile, it can't end well for him. However, if Pete is gone that also means the loss of the town's surgeon. Tara is in a pretty critical situation and without proper medical help, she could likely be for the chopping block. Besides these two, it's a pretty difficult call. With the massive growth in cast due to the merging of the groups, it is likely a fair few people will be culled off in the imminent conflict. A large majority of the Alexandrians seem like they wouldn't be able to survive a battle, so we'll probably say goodbye to a few of them. However, it is a season finale and that usually means that we will be left with something to reel over during the break, so we will probably lose somebody pretty significant as well. It is shaping up to be an amazing season finale and I can't wait to see what happens!

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