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Roses opening ceremony revealed

The countdown to Roses 2015 begins in earnest as YUSU announce opening ceremony plans

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[caption id="attachment_120634" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Image: Dan Holland
Image: Dan Holland

YUSU have announced plans for the Roses opening ceremony on Friday 24th May and that, for the first time, boxing will be the showcase sport that launches the weekend.

A Friday Fight Night in Central Hall will run alongside a brand new Roses Festival, featuring live music and entertainment, at which Roy Hodgson will declare the tournament official open.

Getting underway at 6pm, Fight Night will see York's boxers pit their wits against their Lancaster rivals as Central Hall is transformed into a "full-blown boxing arena". The inclusion of a women's fight will make this first time women's sport has been profiled as part of the Roses opening ceremony, after which Hodgson will round off the action with a speech.

The Roses Karate fixture, taking place in the Roger Kirk Centre, and the Women's Fencing in James Dining Hall will run concurrently to the boxing as part of Fight Night.

The Festival will see Hodgson open the event at 9pm and will also feature performances from local bands and university societies, as well as offering food vendors, an outdoor bar and funfair games.

Tickets for both Fight Night and the Festival are on sale. A ticket for the boxing, costing £6, includes entrance to Central Hall and a supporters t-shirt. A festival ticket is free of charge.

York Sport President Cass Brown commented on the announcement: "It's really exciting that the Roses opening ceremony tickets are finally on sale and the countdown to Roses, with 43 days to go, is officially on.

"I'm delighted that we are showcasing some different sports in the opening ceremony this year and the inclusion of women's sports makes this even better."

"We anticipate that tickets may sell out quickly, so if you would like to guarantee yourself a seat in Central Hall, to watch the boxing and to listen to Roy speak, then buy now!"

"If you don't manage to get one, then don't worry as there will be free tickets for the Festival which includes the fencing and karate fights."

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2 Comment

Disgruntled Posted on Friday 18 Jan 2019

Why are they charging for this event? Lancaster's equivalent last year was football and that was free. You just needed to sign up in advance for a ticket. It's not like YUSU is having to rent a stadium such as in previous years with the rugby - it's on campus in a Uni-owned building!


Cass Brown Posted on Friday 18 Jan 2019

Roses costs YUSU in excess of 40K and the boxing set up on the evening takes up a significant chunk of this cost, hence primarily, why this event must be charged for.


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