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LFW AW15 Highlights: Street Style

Fiona Hill and Chris Owen speak to some of the most stylish attendees of LFW about their own unique styles and clothing inspirations

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Diana Gavrilina, blogger and stylist

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Diana's striking look caught our eye from across the street. We loved the bold stripes and complementary bag, so stopped for a quick chat. This girl is walking proof that high fashion can be both stylish and playful. She wears a candy striped Anna K dress, Stella McCartney shoes, and models a Dolce & Gabbana bag. Not forgetting her tribute to the
high street - Topshop earrings! "My inspiration for this outfit came from my mother; she loves bold, bright prints. This Prada coat is actually hers!"

Marsha Campbell, fashion blogger

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Marsha combines the colours, textures of this outfit immaculately while also fusing high street and designer brands for maximum receptiveness. "I'm wearing a Topshop jacket and shirt, an L.K. Bennett bag, Topshop shoes and a Chanel brooch. I always go for a 60s look, with a retro take on the modern," she tells us. We ask her what she thinks it is that makes London Fashion Week such a vibrant, stand-out date in the fashion calendar: "I love the shows. I love the eclectic mix. London's the place to be."

Adriana Krawcewicz, artist and fashion illustrator

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Adriana has a passion for the kitsch and avant-garde. "I like to dress the way I'd like to portray someone - I like to make an outfit interesting and eclectic," she tells us in regard to her playful composition which incorporates a Prada dress, vibrant faux-fur and leopard print. "I like to collage things, so elements that you'd think wouldn't match at first, once brought together, realise a vision. I like to make clutter coherent." Adriana's use of clashing garments is an easily achievable and striking style.

Nick, medical student from Queen's University Belfast

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Nick is aiming for something distinctive yet versatile with his striking red Topman scarf and defined lines of his lightweight hooded coat. "I wanted to create something that is everyday wearable, but at the same time, still has an edge to it," he tells us. "My outfit is basically something that I could put a tie on and go to the hospital in. At the same time I've put on a coat and scarf, and it's London Fashion Week-ready. It's something that you can adapt that has an edge to it, and will stand throughout the day."

York Alumnus, Film and Television Production

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This smartly tailored piece exhibits the heritage revolution that is ongoing in the world of suiting and formal wear. This fine twill-tweed, three-piece check suit is from Topman, which is fast becoming the staple label for sharp high street tailoring with a classical inflection. "The tie is Levan, the shoes are Russell & Bromley and the bag is Esquire," this gentleman tells us. We get talking and discover that he is in fact a York alumni, who studied Film and Television Production. We congratulate him on his excellent taste in suits and universities.

Chidera Eggerue, Fashion Design student at the London College of Fashion

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The design student's quirky, geomtric earrings and John Lennon sunglasses make for a unique look. Chidera tells us about her punchy, pop-art composition: "My bag is Vivienne Westwood, my earrings are from H&M, my dress is my own design, and my shoes are from eBay." We ask what she has identified as upcoming trends on the catwalk this season. "I feel like the baggy, loose fit is definitely coming back into style. Yesterday, I wore all menswear, but I was able to pull it off as womenswear. There's been a lot of fur on show too."

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