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Tales from the 22: College Varsity 2015

Matt Kirkum provides a humorous take on the various difficulties encountered by the Nouse Sport Team during this year's College Varsity

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[caption id="attachment_120334" align="alignnone" width="640"]Image: James Hostford

Image: James Hostford

All too soon, I heard my fellow Sports Editor say, 'it never rains but it pours'. No truer words were spoken as we settled into our taxing Varsity experience. Things began looking up, however, as we were kindly directed to a rather lavish looking room and set up for the big day ahead.

However, technology has a tendency to let you down when it matters most and this once again came to fruition. The moment we arrived, a Durham representative announced that there was a lack of both internet and mobile phone signal out on the pitches. All of a sudden, we somewhat absurdly found ourselves thinking remorsefully of the 3G on Heslington East and how it now seemed like a buzzing metropolis with a plentiful supply of Wi-Fi and mobile data.

With internet problems slowing base camp's progress on the live-blog front, our on-field reporters were having an even worse time. Tom Harle, having faffed about with his radio, soon suffered a deliberating nosebleed while his broken pen only compounded matters further.

Our photographer, James Hostford, should receive a knighthood for his endeavours throughout the day. A torn man at the close, he even missed his free lunch as he continuously jumped between pitches, one minute photographing a volleyball match, the next, snapping shots of a hockey game.

Naturally, the weather was equally unforgiving with icy winds swirling across the netball tarmac as our hands soon turned blue. Our only reprieve was a swift trip back to the media room. Here we would be hindered by our inability to process continuously changing score-lines thanks to a combination of dodgy internet, inabilities to access scoreboards and the general distraction of more interesting and important national and international sports being broadcasted at the same time.

As we attempted to come to terms with our own ineptness and difficult surroundings, the Nouse Sport Team bond was never stronger. In the face of adversity, we proved that we could laugh despite our misery. Durham may have won the tournament, but the York spirit was clear to see. Whether this was from supporters on the side-lines, the players themselves or our despairing selves in the office, we learnt to light-heartedly embrace defeat and celebrate the victories with fervour. Next term sees us tackle the big one. Roses...bring it on.

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