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YUSU Elections 2015: The Full Results

Ben Leatham was elected YUSU President 2015/2016 after four rounds of voting

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Ben Leatham has been elected YUSU President for 2015-2016 after four rounds of voting.

RON was eliminated in the first round, followed by Ollie Rowley in the second, and Sam Bourne and Ron Weasley in the third. After a head to head, George Balmford was knocked out, leaving Leatham as the winner.

[caption id="attachment_119954" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Image: James Hostford

Image: James Hostford

Commenting on his success, Leatham said: "I am still completely in shock! Friday evening was one of the most intense and memorable nights of my life."

Chris Wall was elected as Student Activities Officer for the second year in a row, making him the first person to serve in the position twice.

He told Nouse: "I'm obviously delighted to be re-elected. No one has done this role for two terms, and they have tried, so I'm enormously pleased to be given the chance again and I promise that York won't regret it."

Thomas Ron, Disabled Students' Officer, won the position of Academic Officer and said: "I am absolutely delighted to have won this position. "It is a great honour and I look forward to a year of tireless work and a lot of fun to ensure students have the academic system they deserve."

Scott Dawson, former Vice Chair for Welfare and Democracy for Goodricke College, was elected as Welfare and Community Officer.
Speaking of his victory, he said: "I'm thrilled to be elected as Welfare and Community officer! "I really can't wait to get stuck into the role and implement a lot of my policies, such as the sick bus, and get working on the gym membership!"

Grace Clarke, two-time Alcuin College Sport Representative and Tournament Secretary of the York Sport Committee was elected as York Sport President.

She told Nouse: "I am absolutely ecstatic, overwhelmed by the support and so happy to have been elected. I feel so privileged to have been elected as the competition was so strong this year. Bring on YUSU 2015/16!"

Leatham praised the other four elected Sabbatical Officers, calling them "fantastic". He said: "I can't wait to start working with them!"

In total, 5,065 votes were cast this year, down 4.76 per cent from last year, and down 11.5 per cent from 5720 votes cast in 2012.
Among colleges, Derwent College had the highest voting turnout at 43.2 per cent, while Wentworth College had the lowest at 3.9 per cent.

By faculty, the highest turnout was Politics, Economics and Philosophy at 57 per cent of students voting, with Health Sciences at the lowest with only 3.8 per cent.

Full List of Results

President - Ben Leatham
Academic Officer - Thomas Ron
Student Activities Officer - Chris Wall
Welfare and Community Officer - Scott Dawson
York Sport President - Grace Clarke
BME Officer - Tamaki Laycock and Elizabeth Ogenyi
Disabled Students' Officer - Zohra Khan
Environment and Ethics Officer- Tess Parker and Jacob Webb
International Officer - Roberto Avelar and Olivia May Grutter
LGBTQ Officer - Evie Brill and Jack Chadwick
RAG Officer - Hannah Geddes
Volunteering Officer - Faye Astin and Becky Longbottom
Women's Officer - Ananna Zaman & Katherine Mellor
Policy Coordinator - Callum Furness
Student Trustee - Jack Chadwick
NUS Delegates - Jemima Busby, Chris Wall, Beth Curtis, Stephen Harper
Senate Rep - Faisal Hamza

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Shibu Mahato D Posted on Tuesday 19 May 2015

Shibu mahato


Shibu Mahato Posted on Tuesday 19 May 2015