Former manager of campus store convicted of stealing nearly PS4,000

Martin James Stubbs had been hiding debts of PS250,000

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The former manager of the Nisa in Halifax College has been convicted of stealing £3,857.80.

[caption id="attachment_110429" align="alignright" width="288"]Image: North Yorkshire Police
Image: North Yorkshire Police

Martin James Stubbs, 46, pleaded guilty to stealing money from the shop on five separate occasions by not banking all of the takings.

The thefts occurred between January 6 and January 24.

Stubbs later confessed his crimes to his wife and the police after his conscience prevented him from stealing any more.
He had been hiding debts of £250,000 from his wife, including a £133,000 mortgage.

Keith Haggerty, defending, said Stubbs had since reached an initial agreement with his creditors and was hoping to avoid bankruptcy.

District judge Adrian Lower told him: "[Confessing], I am sure, must have taken you, as a man of 46 with no previous history of offending a great deal of courage to do. It was the right thing to do."

He later said: "I can only wish you the best in getting your life back in order."

Stubbs lost his job as a result of his thefts. He has been sentenced to 240 hours' unpaid work and must repay the money he stole.

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2 Comment

Shisha Posted on Monday 20 Jan 2020

Theif should go to jail, in my country they would cut off his hand!!!!!!!!!!


Matt Posted on Monday 20 Jan 2020

Of course crime is never the answer, but clearly the circumstances were not ideal for Mr. Stubbs, which drove him to steal. His conscience got the better of him, and he got a fair punishment. Lets stop all this nonsense about jail time or corporal punishment.


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