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We can all breathe easy about breathalysers

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Breathalysers have recently been distributed to staff on the doors of nine clubs and bars in York, in order to prevent people who are deemed "too intoxicated" from entering and compromising the safety of others. This is classified as twice the drink-drive limit or more.

Only likely causes of concern will be breathalysed, and door staff are still encouraged to use their initiative to judge whether an individual is in a fit state to enter.

As I'm sure many students can relate, it's true that there's always that idiot in the queue who's beyond help. They're loud, sometimes violent and often rowdy, pushing and shoving as if they're in some kind of ridiculous mosh pit. Although the idea of the devices might be slightly intimidating, to me their distribution to door staff makes complete sense. No-one wants the guy who's just been sick in the cab on the way to have any more.

I suppose it could be argued that worrying about being breathalysed could take the fun out of pre-drinking, and potentially raise alcohol expense, but if you're in a fit state to pass the breathalyser test at least you're less likely to burst into tears when your friend doesn't reply to your WhatsApp message before falling head first into a banister.

...or something else I totally haven't done. So, breathalysers. Yes. Probably for the best.

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