Students level competition at YUSU with new club night

The night will be held at Mansion and is called 'Gasoline'

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Two third-year students at the University of York are launching a new club night in Mansion on Thursday 29 January to rival official YUSU night at Fibbers.

[caption id="attachment_117676" align="alignright" width="300"]Image: Chris Morris and Andy Rees
Image: Chris Morris and Andy Rees

The event, called 'Gasoline', is being run by Chris Morris, a former Vice-Chair of Entertainment and Service for Vanbrugh College, and Andy Rees. Both students organised the sell-out event 'Vertigo', which also took place in Mansion last year.

Morris and Rees said: "It's about putting the night back into the hands of students and offering them a genuine alternative by keeping things simple. Our entry prices are low and the venue we've chosen is a favourite among York students, but doesn't have its own regular student night."

'Gasoline' will start with a limited capacity of 250 people, but if the night is successfully established, the rest of the club may be opened up to the full capacity of 500 people for future events. Mansion will open up three rooms with differing genres playing in each space, including club music, hip-hop, R&B, and house music in order to cater to a wide variety of tastes.

Morris and Rees' idea for the night originated a year ago. They told Nouse: "Our main focus is benefiting the student community: even if we sell out we'll only make a modest profit which would be reinvested into a future 'Gasoline'.

"Financially speaking, the student groups who have offered to sell tickets stand to make a generous profit, so our approach has wide-reaching benefits for the student community - it's almost a crowdsourcing approach to provide students with a night they've wanted to see. We'd love to hear from any further college committees or societies who'd like to partner with us."

Sam Maguire, YUSU President, said: "York Parties have invested a considerable amount of sponsorship into a huge amount of student groups, resulting in an increase in attendance at all four YUSU official club nights this year. It is great that students are involved in putting on student-led events to offer variety. What we want to do is to cater for the masses and ensure every aspect from entertainment to welfare provision are been considered by the venues."

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whydoigooutsomuch Posted on Monday 6 Jul 2020

Student Welfare ----> letting some cage fighters into Thursday Fibbers. Nice one York Parties


#welfare Posted on Monday 6 Jul 2020

Last night the bouncers in Fibbers assaulted some guy. Knocked him over, kicked him around and the three him out


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