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TV Review: The Walking Dead Series 5 Episode 7: 'Crossed'

Things get gory in the build-up to The Walking Dead's mid-season finale. Liam Dooley reviews.

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The Walking Dead Episode 7


I'm still not sure about how I feel about 'Crossed'. The group - if you can even call it that at this stage - is currently in four different locations, and so far this season we have become accustomed to episodes dedicated to one at a time. However, this week we have returned to the older style of jumping between storylines, progressing the four different, yet linked, plots gradually throughout the episode. Although I usually tend to prefer this style of storytelling, with 'Crossed' I am not so certain. For the most part the events seemed to create a coherent, logical progression, but I felt like the Abraham-Eugene group didn't seem to fit in this week. The main focus was on Rick's group planning to rescue Beth and Carol, whilst the Father Gabriel group stayed safe at the Church in the meantime. These three stories hence felt inter-connected, whereas watching Glenn fish, Abraham sulk and Eugene lying passed out just felt really out of place.
Line of the week:
"You've got to say goodbye! You saw it, you felt it. Now you hold on to whatever you want to, but I think you should hold on to that." - Tyreese

Besides this minor discrepancy, I found this week's episode to be on the whole quite good. The whole plan to capture some of Dawn's cops - after Tyreese pulling the 'keep it clean' card - provided for some really exciting scenes, especially since it nearly wasn't as clean as Tyreese would've hoped. The moment where the officer pinned Daryl down next to a melted walker that was trying to bite him caused all of Reedus' huge following to gasp in fear, plus it also served to please all the fans of the gory elements of the show. Nothing says gore like a man sticking his fingers in the eyes of a melted walker, dismembering its head and beating another man around the head with it.

But it wasn't all gore this week. We saw how Sasha is still grieving for Bob, to the point where one of the captive officers, conveniently named Bob, managed to catch her with her guard down and take advantage of this as to make his escape. Although his story about one of his friends being one of the melted walkers outside seemed ridiculously unconvincing to any viewer who isn't completely gullible, it did make sense for Sasha to fall for it due to the fragile place she's in. I hope that next week in the mid-season finale we get to see her get some revenge.

There has been a lot of speculation around what cliff hanger or shock story they are going to leaving looming over us until the show returns. After Merle's death at the mid-season break of season 3, most people to tend to ask: who are they going to kill this time? Therefore I'd just like to dedicate some time to that very question. Some popular candidates are: Beth, Carol, Daryl, Tyreese and Sasha. Both Beth and Carol have had episodes pretty much dedicated to them this season, which is quite often a hangman's calling card in shows such as this. Daryl is always thrown into debates like because he isn't in the comics. Being a fan favourite and also having strong connections to both characters they're aiming to save in next week's episode, Daryl's death could be a real game changer. Tyreese is on this list because of his reluctance to kill this season. After not killing Martin, the Terminus cannibal who threatened to kill Judith, Tyreese seems not to have the drive to survive by any means necessary. Finally Sasha is on this list because she is probably - with the exception of Rosita - still one of the most underdeveloped characters in the show. With her receiving some small development in the past episodes, you cannot help but compare how Bob got the same treatment. Yet you never know what the show has in store for us: someone from the list may die, more than one person might, nobody could, or they could throw a real curveball and kill somebody completely unexpected. I guess only time will tell!

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