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TV Review: Strictly Come Dancing Week 10

Strictly's international week is enough to make Geography students weep. Gemma Horton reviews.

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Strictly Come Dancing 2014


Strictly went around the world this week, but it was pretty geographically inaccurate, and it didn't take a genius to work that out. Instead of dancing dances from the countries they originate from, the show's theme should have been 'songs with locations in their title'. It would have made more sense. This week was the week before the quarter finals take place (yes, you can shed a tear), and with only four more weeks left of the competition everything was at stake.

First on the floor were Pixie and Trent, who danced a Viennese Waltz to 'Tulips from Amsterdam', and yes, the lack of geographical sense was noted. Regardless, their waltz scored them a grand total of 38, and judge Darcey particularly enjoyed Pixie's ballet moves. The other judges thought it was a generally flawless and charming performance. In stark contrast was Mark and Karen, who performed a salsa to 'Viva Las Vegas'. Whilst Mark was complimented for his enthusiasm, the judges did notice that it lacked finesse and perfection, and with the quarter finals approaching they demand nothing but perfection. It's not like they're picky or anything. But the judges' high standards were rewarded when Caroline and Pasha took the floor to perform a Charleston. Not even a wardrobe malfunction, with a fez falling from Pahsa's head and being mercilessly kicked away, could stop Caroline from achieving near perfection as she ended the night on a 39.

Simon and Kristina seem to have come back stronger and stronger since they were in the dance-off, and this week was no different for them. Dancing a waltz to 'Edelweiss', Simon managed to maintain his posture, good footwork and a romantic element. The judges were rather impressed and Simon scored a 38. Equally as impressive was Frankie and Kevin, who danced a jive to 'Surfin' USA'. Although she was rewarded with straight nines and her jive was full of energy and bounce, her hair extensions definitely weren't the best addition.

Sunetra and Brendan had the demands of a rumba on their hands, but they seemed to manage well enough with it. Craig criticised Sunetra for a lack of storytelling through her feet and far too much arm wafting, and Len thought more hip action was needed. With a score of 27, Sunetra and Brendan found themselves at the bottom of the leader board. Jake and Janette weren't far away from the bottom as they performed an Argentine Tango to 'Zorba the Greek.' It does not take a geography genius to work out that the two countries are nowhere near related. The song's inappropriateness nearly ruined the dance, and Jake bumped into other dancers, which threw him from his timings. With a lacklustre score of 29, Jake had his lowest score of the competition.

But Sunetra and Brendan were the ones who left. After finding themselves in the dance-off for the third week in a row, it wasn't third time lucky for the couple, as the judges chose to keep Mark and Karen in the competition. So, this week's Strictly was massively geographically inaccurate, but entertaining nonetheless. Next week there is a waltzathon where all the couples take to the floor at the same time. Hopefully it won't be a dance disaster!

Best Dance of the Night: Caroline and Pasha pulled out all the stops for their Turkish themed Charleston

Best Outfit of the Night: Pixie and Trent really went to town with the Dutch theme.

Horrifying Moment of the Night: Jake bumping into the other dancers was cringe worthy enough to make anyone hide and scream in frustration

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