Newly ratified societies revealed

The list of newly ratified societies include French Society and Hip Hop Society

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Over twenty new societies have been ratified by YUSU for the current academic year.

The newly ratified societies include Fashion Society, Sewing Society and A Society of Ice and Fire, which is dedicated to the popular series of books and hit television series Game of Thrones. A couple of societies have been ratified but as of yet are not running at the moment or are still gathering support. [caption id="attachment_101276" align="alignright" width="300"]Photo Credit: YUSU

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These include the Hip Hop Society, the University of York American Politics Society and the Six Trees Native American Society.

Two societies dedicated to European countries have recently been ratified with both German Society and French Society gaining recognition.

Chelsea Farrington, Chair of the newly ratified French Society, told Nouse: "When I first started York there was no French society and I thought that it would be a great opportunity to bring people together with connections and interests with the French language and culture as well as providing informal language support."

Speaking of the society's plans for the future, Farrington said: "We have many ideas in the pipeline such as French food evenings, French film events and much more."

She added: "I'm so happy we got accepted and hopefully the society will be here for many more years to come!"

A society dedicated to one of England's political parties, UKIP, called York University UKIP (YUUKIP), has also been ratified by YUSU.

As well as the newly ratified societies, there are several other societies that had their application for ratification turned down by YUSU.These include PranksSoc, the University of York Book Group and the Belly Dance Society.

Marta Donati and Minna Jeffrey, Co-Chairs of The Antigone Collective, a human rights theatre group that was denied ratification, told Nouse: "Although it's a shame that we haven't been ratified by YUSU, and this makes certain things more difficult, we are still very enthusiastic about our project."

They added: "We are planning to do many exciting things in the future."

Other societies that yet to be ratified are the York Peace Project and the Commercial Awareness Society. One society, AIESEC York has not had a decision made regarding its potential ratification and is subsequently under further investigation.

Commenting on the latest ratification process, Chris Wall, Student Activities Officer, said: "It's exciting to see so many new societies being ratified. Sadly we can't ratify everyone who applies as many groups already exist, just under different names. We welcome anyone who wants to set up a society to e-mail and we'll see what we can do!
"I'm excited to see what these new groups will bring to campus and after meeting with them for societies training, I know their enthusiasm will keep York's excellent reputation for society activity as high as it is."

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Dan Posted on Thursday 4 Dec 2014

I find no details of any American Politics society on the YUSU website...