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TV Review: Strictly Come Dancing Week 8

It's Blackpool week for Strictly... and is it all over for Judy Murray? Gemma Horton reviews.

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Strictly Come Dancing 2014

Strictly went to Blackpool, and they really played on the seaside theme with fish and chips being shown ever so often, along with sticks of rock. Zoe Ball stood in for Claudia once again, but she is soon proving to be a favourite for fans of the show, if Twitter is anything to go by. With the competition hitting week eight the pressure was on for the remaining couples to live up to expectations. So, after a little jaunt up the M6, did they? Definitely. After finally finishing talking about how the locals were excited for Strictly to come to Blackpool, the show got underway. The judges danced on (and yes, that is now a thing), Tess and Zoe made some terrible jokes, and only then did the dancing begin.

First up was Frankie and Kevin 'from Grimsby but currently holidaying in Blackpool' Clifton. Their quickstep was fast and full of fancy footwork and was rewarded with two tens from Len and Bruno. Jake and Janette soon followed, and after failing to impress in the past few weeks, Jake was back. His American Smooth was full of drama, with an excellent lift involving two men throwing Janette into the air and relying on Jake to catch her. No pressure then. The dance had excellent storytelling and was a darker take on the American Smooth. With straight nines across the board the judges seemed to enjoy it too. Simon and Kristina was the first couple to attempt the Argentine Tango, and they didn't disappoint. The footwork was sharp, the mood was tense and Simon managed pull off a show stopping lift right at the end of the dance, which involved flipping Kristina upside down. The judges were all impressed and Simon and Kristina were the first couple to receive three tens so far this year. Mark and Karen's Charleston was another high scoring dance of the night with a total of 36. It was full of swivel, slapstick and personality and the judges loved it, but not enough to give any tens out. The tens were reserved for Pixie and Trent, whose gladiator themed Paso Doble managed to stun the judges. Darcey's only criticism was for her to gain better upper body strength, but Bruno and Len disagreed and awarded tens respectively.

It was an unfortunate night for Sunetra and Brendan, who danced a samba to the old school disco hit 'I Don't Feel Like Dancin' by the Scissor Sisters. Their samba failed to impress the judges, with Darcey criticising her untidy footwork and Craig noticing that she struggled with the moves. Likewise, Steve and Ola's American Smooth was less successful than Jake and Janette's. Steve needs to add more light and shade in his movements (no, we don't understand either), and Craig was annoyed with his thumbs sticking out. Judy and Anton danced a Viennese Waltz this week to a 'Let's Go Fly a Kite' from Marry Poppins. Unfortunately, it was the worst dance of the night, as Judy proved to maintain her stiffness and poor posture. But it was her best dance to date and it actually resembled a Viennese Waltz, and so a total of 24 points for the night was her best score ever.

In the dance off it was the turn of Judy and Anton and Sunetra and Brendan. The results show gave us performances from McBusted and Shirley Bassey, a strange pairing to put on the same show but one that seemed to work. But Judy and Anton's luck finally ran out. They were voted from the competition, but Judy should be given some form of congratulations for surviving this long. She had been cringe worthily entertaining, if nothing else. Blackpool week was a spectacle, but next week the contestants catch the minibus back to London for business to resume as usual. So long, Judy, and do keep dancing, just not on the television.

Worst Dance of the Night: It's a shame to say that Judy was the worst dance of the night because it was her personal best.
Best Moment: Len Goodman dropped a swear word in and Zoe had to apologise in the most awkward manner for him. There are kids watching, Len!
Best Outfit of the Night: Pixie and Trent were really going for the gladiator theme with their costumes. They just needed to scream 'are you not entertained?' and the theme would have been complete.

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