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College Elections 2014

Full coverage of this year's Junior Common Room Committee and Student Association elections

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The Alcuin Junior Common Room Committee hustings took place during the bonus round of Alcuin's weekly pub quiz. There was a noticeable absence of candidates partaking in hustings with the majority of positions being uncontested.

The most contested role was International Students Officer. Hustings began with two speeches from Carla Enrico Foglia and Serafina Basciano. Whilst Foglia's speech centred on her love for people and networking, Basciano claimed she would break down the barriers between different cultures within the University and raise awareness of its diversity.

This was followed by a speech read out on behalf of James Beswick and Joanna Sharpe, the current Sports Representatives, who wish to maintain their positions after their success of seeing Alcuin win sports day last summer and place third in the most recent college tournament. They said they would aim to increase membership if they were to stay on the committee. A second speech read out on behalf of Oliver Angove and Isabel Graham, running for Alcuin's Social Officer positions, saw them claim that their prior experience working with York Vision and Cocktail Society put them in great stead. They also said they wished to raise awareness and turnout of Alcuin's events.

Following the recent resignation of Tasha McNaught, the position of Marketing Officer was filled by Sian Haines, who is running to keep her recently claimed position. Her speech was followed by another uncontested speech from Sophie Jorgensen-Rideout running for LGBTQ Welfare Officer. Stephanie Ellmer and Louise Buckingham, running for RAG Officer, explained their plans to host a spring charity ball.

Further speeches came from Amy May Hulse-Lander, running for Vice-Chair For Business and Communications, who said she aimed to bring in a loyalty card scheme and maintain sponsorship for the College.

Anna Marsh, running for Secretary, proposed dissertation refuges and greater pastoral care in her speech. She also insisted that she would disperse any dictator-like action within the committee and ensure democratic decisions would be made.

'King in the North' Dom Smithies, the current Vice-Chair For Welfare and Support and the only candidate for Chair, promised a college trip abroad and further collaborations with networks and societies to increase the turnout of Alcuin events.

A number of positions had no candidates, including Merchandise Officer and Ethics and Environment Representative. T.P.


Dom Smithies

Vice-Chair For Welfare and Support
Samantha Armstrong

Vice-Chair For Business and Communication
Amy May Hulse-Lander

Stephanie Michael

Anna Marsh

Welfare Representative (Female)
Bethany Dimond

Welfare Representative (Male)
There are no candidates for this position.

LGBTQ Welfare Officer (Three Positions Available)
Sophie Jorgensen-Rideout

Disability Officer (Three Positions Available)
Helen Cox

Campaigns Officer
There are no candidates for this position.

Marketing Officer (Three Positions Available)
Sian Haines

Social Officer (Four Positions Available)
Oliver Angove and Isabel Graham

RAG Officer (Two Positions Available)
Stephanie Ellmer and Louise Buckingham

Environment and Ethics Officer (Two Positions Available)
There are no candidates for this position.

International Students Officer (Two Positions Available)
Serafina Basciano
Carla Enrica Foglia
David Mbai
Ahmad Ridhwan Rosli

IT Officer (Two Positions Available)
There are no candidates for this position.

Merchandise Officer (Three Positions Available)
There are no candidates for this position.

Social Media Officer (Four Positions Available)
There are no candidates for this position.

Ordinary Officer (Three Positions Available)
Georgia Brown

Sport Representative (Four Positions Available)
James Beswick and Joanne Sharpe
Ahmad Ridhwan Rosli
Anna Trotman

Press and Publicity Officer
Jonathan Jacobs






Hustings took place on Tuesday in DBar and began with the role of LGBT officer. Joint candidates Dianne Apen-Sadler and Jennica Allen promised bi-termly meetups, regular feedback to YUSU in response to student comments, and film nights with strong LGBT themes. Henry Winkle said he wanted "more transparency and more democracy" for members of the LGBT community.

The role of Welfare Representative was the most hotly contested position of the night, with eight candidates standing for election. Six of the candidates were running as individuals, with 'Derwent Angels' Jess Geddes and Lucy Wegerif running as a pair. Lizzie Mason, dressed in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle onesie, promised cookies, a glass of orange juice and a cry after a night out. Maddy Tickell caused a stir in the crowd with the comment "I'm a fresher so I can see things with new eyes".

The main points of discussion for the Events Representative candidates were their plans for Club Ds, with those elected promising bigger and better things for the events this year, with plenty of D-related innuendos added for good measure. When asked about alternative events for non-drinkers and alternative club-nights, trio Freya Kingsley, Lauren Malcharek and Thomas Butler-Roberts brought up the idea of karaoke nights and board game events, whilst joint candidates Alex Urquhart, Matilda Hartley, Edward Highfield and Lewis McDowell suggested a chocolate themed night while simultaneously doing sambuca shots on stage.

The role of Bar Representative was the third most highly contested position. A main point in Ellie Meagher, Georgia Musson, Jonny Long and Max Palfreman's policies include the installation of cashback at D-Bar, a theme that then became the focus for many more questions across the remainder of the night. Another group made up of Issy Roberts, Jess Bromovsky, Bertie Wnek and Callum McCulloch suggested the implementation of a beer-pong tournament and speed dating night as "finding love is the most important thing".

Throughout the night, candidates had to undertake challenges after their speeches. The students running for Bar Representative were asked the capital of Australia, which Bertie Wnek immediately answered, forcing the remaining candidates to eat a raw onion. Other challenges included wheelbarrow races around DBar, numerous dance offs and a condom blowing competition.

Sarah Lock and Alice Beattie, who ran as a pair, were uncontested for the role of Volunteering Representative. They talked about their experiences of volunteering in the past, and their plans to hold a termly volunteering fair in the College to give students more access to volunteering opportunities.

The two candidates running for Chair, the position that finished off the night's proceedings, were Peter Bunce and Rosalie Dowding. Dowding's main points included a bigger use of the Junior Common Room, such as introducing free coffee mornings and papers on a Sunday to push inter-block interaction, and putting laptop and phone chargers at the porters for students who have forgotten to bring theirs to campus. Bunce's campaign focused on reinvesting in the College, keeping finances afloat, and increasing participation in college sport to make it more inclusive for all Derwent students, particularly LGBTQ and international students. Bunce's idea of creating a Derwent motto was met with cheers from the crowd. G.M.


Peter Bunce
Rosalie Dowding

Vice Ents
Jamie Hayhurst and Callum Mcclaffetry

Vice Welfare
Poppy Ogier
Georgina Hill

Anna Newsum and Anya Wilson

Lizzy Davies

Ents Representative
Alex Urquhart, Matilda Hartley, Edward Highfield and Lewis McDowell
Oscar Craven, Isobel Herbert, Alex Graham and Eleanor Wintour
Freya Kingsley, Lauren Malcharek and Thomas Butler-Roberts

Bar Representative
Tiffany Duffin, Alice Devenish, Saul Sorooshian and Tom Burrows Smith
Issy Roberts, Jess Bromovsky, Callum McCulloch and Bertie Wnek
Anna Carolan, Emma Cleary, Connor Wilkinson and Hollie Moore
Ellie Meagher, Georgia Musson, Jonny Long and Max Palfreman

Welfare Representative
Euphemia Swanson
Liz Alexianu
Lizzie Mason
Kiera Wiggins
Jessica Geddes
Lucy Wegerif
Maddy Tickell
Rosario Neyra

Alumni Representative
There are no candidates for this position.

Volunteering Representative
Alice Beattie and Sarah Lock

RAG Representative (Two Positions Available)
There are no candidates for this position.

International Representative
Miaomiao Yu
Jessica Jackson and Meltem van Dompseler
Sifra ter Wee and Rei (Leina) Yatomi
Philipp Schreiber

Press and Publicity
Jay Khan

There are no candidates for this position.

Merchandise and Sponsorship
Kaytlin Hunter and Sophie Lewis
Fred Weld, Ellie Budden and Ben Coulburn

Environmental Representative
Eddie Haynes and Conor Geoghegan
Kirsty Louise Skitt and Oisin Twomey Brenner
Alycia Lee and Benjamin Wright

Ordinary Member
Chris Walsh

LGBT Representative
Emily Pownall and Maria Nikolova
Henry Winckle
Dianne Apen-Sadler and Jennica Allen

Disability Representative
Julia Neugarten

Nurses Representative
Nick Wright

Sports Representative
Charlotte Beckett, Josie Phillipps, Joy Mendes Da Costa and Monty Pilkington






The evening kicked off with speeches from the Entertainment Officer candidates. Sarah Fender and Olivia Wilkinson stressed the need for more events whilst Helena Bland wanted more bar crawls as well as events for those who do not drink.

Kelly Allwood and Abbie Greenwood were keen to stress the need for more 'alternative' events throughout the year, whilst Kayleigh Ann Motan said she wanted to organise more small sided sports tournaments as well as day trips into York.

Robert Jackson, running uncontested for Environment and Ethics Officer, promised to work closely with residents and establish sustainable recycling schemes. Creative Media Officer candidate Ayshe Zaifoglu did not prepare a speech with the intent of showing off her own spontaneous creativity, whilst both Amy Ward and Sarah Barrass stressed their experience in creative arts.

The two candidates for International Officer, Angel Wu and Lidingrong Huang, both said they recognised the difficulties of being an international student and pledged to help out. Female Welfare Officer was contested by two candidates with Shannon Webb wanting to introduce a new blog and more debates whilst Gaby Kendrick wanted to give students whatever they needed, whether that be free food or free condoms.

The position of Male Welfare Officer was also contested with Connor Goodwin promising to improve accessibility and revitalise the drop-in scheme. Peter Redshaw made his voice heard by performing a welfare-themed poem, which was met with cheers from the crowd.

Chloe Carbis and Eloise Orrey, running for Merchandise Officer, promised to make merchandise more appealing and accessible as well as suggesting new Goodricke-themed products, such as laundry bags.

The most contested position of the elections, RAG and Volunteering Officer, saw only three sets of candidates attend hustings. Jasmin Hayward and Isobel Fisher stressed their experience in volunteering, whilst Emily Marsden said she wanted to increase awareness of what RAG. Katie Fozzard and Bronwyn Wheeler sang a RAG-themed song to the tune of Jessie J's 'Price Tag'.

Incumbent Ben Ezard stressed his experience as the current Technical Officer whilst Jonathan Brown, running for Social Officer, promised "legendary socials" and said he wanted to take Goodricke both up and down the country.

David Aiken and Adam Tilley, running for Sponsorship Officer, said they wanted each Goodricke event to have its own form of sponsorship whilst Rebecca Saw said she wanted lots of small businesses to sponsor the College. Sports Officer Peter Fisher stressed his love of sports and experience as a personal trainer whilst Zoe Woodgate wanted to make college sport more prominent.

Polly Hanford, the only candidate for Secretary, pledged to be both helpful and organised, whilst the position of Treasurer was hotly contested. All three candidates stressed their experience with numbers, with Sean Humphrey claiming to fight to get as much money as possible, Laura Cook claiming that she would listen to any suggestions and Mage Liu saying she would enjoy the boring day-to-day jobs that came with the role.

Lauren Clarke and Hannah Davies contested the position of Vice-Chair for Services. Davies pledged to make GoodFest a two day festival whilst Clarke believed that a two day format would not work, instead stressing the need for more alternative events.

There were two candidates for Vice-Chair for Welfare. Dominic Arnold wanted professional input in Goodricke's welfare system as well as for the whole welfare team to have first aid training. Clare Trevanna wanted to improve drop-in sessions and establish specific support sessions for finding houses and escaping exam stress.

The last position of the night, Chair, was contested for by three candidates, Jack Sampson, Megan Darrell and Richard Payne. Both Sampson and Darrell wanted to improve the transparency of the JCRC whilst a speech was read on Payne's behalf outlining his plans to give Goodricke some very special moments in the forthcoming year. L.H.


Megan Darnell
Richard Payne
Jack Sampson

Vice-Chair - Welfare
Dominic Arnold
Clare Trevenna

Vice-Chair - Services
Lauren Clarke
Hannah Davies

Laura Cook
Seam Humphrey
Mage Liu

Polly Hanford

Female Welfare Officer
Gaby Kendrick
Shannon Webb

Male Welfare Officer
Connor Goodwin
William Grace
Peter Redshaw

Creative Media Officer (Three Positions Available)
Sarah Barrass
Amy Ward
Ayshe Zaifoglu

Entertainment Officer (Four Positions Available)
Kelly Allwood and Abbie Grimwood
Helena Bland
Mary Fan and Sebastian Kwong
Sarah Fender and Olivia Wilkinson
Kaleigh Ann Motan

Social Officer (Two Positions Available)
Jonathan Brown

Merchandise Officer (Two Positions Available)
Chloe Carbis and Eloise Orrey
Joe Joiner

Janet Baker Court Representative (Two Positions Available)
Robbie Anderson

Oliver Sheldon Court Representative (Two Positions Available)
There are no candidates for this position.

Sports Officer (Three Positions Available)
Peter Fisher
Samuel Witham
Zoe Woodgate

Environment and Ethics Officer (Two Positions Available)
Robert Jackson

Technical Officer (Four Positions Available)
Ben Ezard

Webmaster (Two Positions Available)
There are no candidates for this position.

RAG and Volunteering Officer (Four Positions Available)
Anca Carter-Timofte
Lindsey Dalzell
Katie Fozzard and Bronwyn Wheeler
Jessica Harris
Jasmin Hayward and Isobel Wisher
Lauren Hopkinson
Emily Marsden

LGBTQ Officer (Two Positions Available)
There are no candidates for this position.

International Officer (Two Positions Available)
Lidingrong Huang
Angel Wu

BME Officer (Two Positions Available)
There are no candidates for this position.

Sponsorship Officer (Two Positions Available)
David Aiken and Adam Tilley
Rebecca Saw

Alumni Representative (Two Positions Available)
There are no candidates for this position.






The Halifax College Student Association Hustings took place in JJ's on Monday night. The event was well attended and all the candidates were thoroughly questioned by current HCSA.

The proceedings kicked off with the Executive Committee positions, most of which were contested. Three candidates nominated themselves for the position of President. In their speeches, they all emphasised their vision to improve Halifax's image within the University. The College's theme of active living was a main focus for the nominees with a heavy emphasis on plans to increase sport participation and make use of the nearby 22 Acres. The recurring issue of Halifax lacking a bar was questioned to which Christine Saunders explained that limited footfall during the day was the main reason.

The role of Vice-President for Events and Services saw two candidates compete. Creating big events that would attract a campus wide audience was a popular plan alongside running more family friendly events.

Ryan Westall and Josh Salisbury were the only candidates for the positions of Vice-President for Activities and Sport and Vice-President for Well-Being respectively. Salisbury said that he would like to leave office and be able to say that Halifax is the "safest college" by offering first aid training courses.

Three candidates put themselves forward for the position of Secretary. Incumbent Jake Strong emphasised his experience, saying he would be well placed to get the new committee off the ground and running, whilst Hannah Dabin and William Thomas-Sam showed their desire to do more for their college. The final executive position to be contested was that of Treasurer which saw three of the four nominees speak.

The rest of the evening comprised of speeches for the other contested positions. These included RAG Officer, with candidates being questioned on how to get more people involved in college volunteering.

Caitlin Sherrard, running for one of the two Well-Being Officer positions, spoke of her desire to "remove the stigma of mental health" by challenging people's ignorance on the issue and showing solidarity with those suffering from mental health issues. This coincides with York Mind as one of the College's potential charities.

The main points of discussion during the speeches and questions for LGBTQ Officer were creating inclusive LGBTQ events in JJ's which would be casual and non-alcoholic and increasing awareness of and preventing transgender bullying.

One of the most heavily questioned candidates was Anoosh Djavaheri, running for Merchandise Officer. When asked about clearing the large stock of merchandise, he suggested having a sale with the eventual aim of creating more appealing college merchandise. A.H.


Kaleem Ali
Christine Saunders
Andrew Weeks

Vice-President for Events and Services
Alistair Bailey
Meghan Wimlett

Vice-President for Well-being and Liberation
Josh Salisbury

Vice President for Activities and Sport
Ryan Westwell

Hannah Dabin
Jake Strong
William Thomas-Sam

Benjamin Nithyanandarajah
Sivakkumaran Sukumaran
James Wilson

Well-Being Officer (Two Positions Available)
Katherine Elvin
Caitlin Sherrard

Access Officer (Two Positions Available)
Cassandra Lovelock

LGBTQ Officer (Two Positions Available)
Terence Eley
Abbie Llewelyn
Sam Sayah

Second and Third Year Liaison Officer (Two Positions Available)
Zeling Chen

Women's Officer
Helen Adekunle

BME Officer
There are no candidates for this position.

Mature Students' Officer
There are no candidates for this position.

Student Families' Officer
There are no candidates for this position.

Second and Third Year Liaison Officer (Two Positions Available)
There are no candidates for this position.

Events Officer (Four Positions Available)
Mat Butler
Jonathan Jeffrey
Simrita Lota

Hickleton and Ainsty Representative
There are no candidates for this position.

Lindley, Wood and Irwin Representative
Mabli Roberts

St. Lawrence Representative
There are no candidates for this position.

Younger and Ingram Representative
There are no candidates for this position.

Court Representative Officer
There are no candidates for this position.

Merchandise Officer
Anoosh Djavaheri

Sponsorship Officer
There are no candidates for this position.

Volunteering Officer
Sarah Weatherstone

Sports Officer (Two Positions Available)
There are no candidates for this position.

Press and Publicity Officer (Two Positions Available)
There are no candidates for this position.

Ordinary Officer (Two Positions Available)
Brianna Kilpatrick

International Officer (Two Positions Available)

RAG Officer (Four Positions Available)
Bethan Bannon
Emmanuel Oloruntola
Olivia Parrington

Environment Officer
There are no candidates for this position.

Common Room Officer
There are no candidates for this position.

Equipment Officer
There are no candidates for this position.

Website Officer
There are no candidates for this position.






James College has announced it will not be holding hustings this year. However, videos of the candidates have been uploaded onto YouTube and students can ask candidates questions via the James College JCRC Elections Facebook page.


Gareth James Dybiec
Matt Wetherall

Vice-Chair for Community and Well-Being
Rebecca Arnaud
Jack Wood

Community and Well-Being Officer (Two Positions Available)
There are no candidates for this position.

There are no candidates for this position.

There are no candidates for this position.

LGBTQ Officer
Lee Way Lin

Access for Disabilities Officer
Evelyn Kramer

Mature Student Officer
Jane Kennedy

International Officers
Roberto Avelar
Oriana Cheung
Orjan Holm
Zamin Athar Khan
Johanna Loembet
Miro Plueckebaum
Binura Seneviratne
Mukami Wainana

Racial Equality Officer
There are no candidates for this position.

Vice-Chair for Sport
Antonia Cole

Sports Officers
Laura Carruthers
Polly Sedgwick
Alice Smith

Vice-Chair for Activities
Angela Hill

RAG Officers
Rebecca Medhurst

Events Officers
Claire Dawson
Holly Fairclough
Dominic Gill
Jo Grover
William Sharrard
Sophie Snowdon
Amie Thackeray

Vice-Chair for Services
Callum Clark

Marking Officer
There are no candidates for this position.

Generic Officer
There are no candidates for this position.

There are no candidates for this position.






Hustings began with speeches from the candidates for Sponsorship Officer. Barney Gibb said he wanted to "keep up the good work" of the current Sponsorship Officer by improving relationships with businesses to raise more money for college events. Dyaus Gohil-Patel and Cole Tennant-Fry made similar points about strengthening existing links and surprised the audience with a short poem.

Jonathan Rukundo and Ryan David Wilson, joint candidates for Merchandise Officer, promised a wider range of merchandise in their spoken-word-style speech, whilst Bea Watts and Polly Hanson, running together for Press and Publicity Officer, said they wanted to produce a student-run magazine.

A speech was read out on behalf of Emilie Braathen, the only candidate for International Officer (Welfare), outlining her aims to build a stronger cultural community. Sophie Verdu, the only candidate for International Officer (Events) shared her own experiences of coming to York as an international student and said she would hold more socials at the beginning of the year.

Becca Waugh and Caitlin Quinlan, joint candidates for Volunteering Officer, said they wanted to make it easier for students to get involved with volunteering and dismantle the "student stereotype" by building links with the local community. Penny Lawn and Becky Henerty, running for RAG Officer, also talked about increasing student involvement and proposed raising money through interblock challenges.

The candidates for Sports Officer all pointed out their involvement with university and college sport, with increasing participation being a common theme in their speeches. Both Peer Support Officer roles (male and female) were uncontested.

Increasing the number of trees on campus was a popular policy shared by the candidates for Environment and Ethics Officer, whilst the two sets of joint candidates for Communications Officer both spoke about holding drop in sessions and using online polls.

William Wright and Tom Walker, running separately for LGBTQ Officer, both mentioned the need for providing freshers with more information, whilst Ashley Reed suggesting holding more events on Heslington East in partnership with LGBTQ Social.

The improvement of college bar crawls was a common aim of the Bar Officer candidates, with Tyler Hilborne and Connor Williamson saying they wanted to run a 'Hes East vs. Hes West' event. Ellie Stones and Grace Wren stressed they wanted to "provide something for everyone". Hira Bashir and Ben Jancso, running for Ents Officer, highlighted their involvement with the summer and winter ball preparations, whilst Rachel Lockwood and Grace Flaherty proposed a 'booze cruise on the Ouse' event alongside more daytime activities.

Bradley Chalker, running for Secretary, said he wanted to make communication more efficient, whilst Francesca Sterlini said she would bring a more personal feel to the role. Ben Hudson said he would bring more revenue into Langwith as Treasurer. His rival Tariq Perera said he wanted to make tickets to college events less expensive.

Alex Glynne-Percy, the only candidate for Vice-President For Activities, proposed a partnership between sport and RAG. Both candidates for Deputy President For Welfare talked about improving the STYC system, including introducing more alternative and 'reserve' STYCs. Vice President For Ents candidates Kailie Cutler and Oliver Henn were quick to highlight their experience as Events Co-ordinators during the past year, whilst rival Andrea Baiocchi said events should be cheaper.

President candidate Min Yung Chow did not attend hustings, but rival candidates Alex Byron, Harry Illingworth, Ruth Maku and Gregory Waddell all talked about continuing the College's campaign for a common room. Byron also proposed making college sport free for a term whilst Illingworth talked about increasing communication between colleges. A.W.


Alex Byron
Min Yung Chow
Harry Illingworth
Ruth Maku
Gregory Waddell

Deputy-President For Welfare
Lily Caisley
Grace Randall

Vice-President for Ents
Andrea Baiocchi
Kailie Cutler
Oliver Henn

Vice-President For Activities
Alex Glynne-Percy

Bradley Chalker
Francesca Sterlini

Ben Hudson
Tariq Perera

Peer Support Officer (Male)
Jack Rundle

Peer Support Officer (Female)
Ellie Byrne

Communications Officer
Eleanor Joy Knight and Thomas Joseph McConnell
Lori Thurston and Hayley Mackay

Sponsorship Officer
Barney Gibb
Dyaus Gohil-Patel and Cole Tennant-Fry

Sports Officer (Four Positions Available)
Ben Grindell
Molly Hawthorne
Ruth Whitehead

Ents Officer
Hira Bashir and Ben Jancso
Rachel Lockwood and Grace Flaherty
Rachelle Menn and Laura Kinder
Emily Palmer
Josh Watts

Bar Officer
Rebecca Hayhoe and Elisabeth Peck
Tyler Hilborne and Connor Williamson
Ellie Stones and Grace Wren

International Officer (Welfare)
Emilie Braathen

International Officer (Events)
Sophie Verdu

LGBTQ Officer
Ashley Reed
Tom Walker
William Wright

Disability and Access Officer
Lucas Pearce

RAG Officer
Penny Lawn and Becky Henerty

Volunteering Officer
Becca Waugh and Caitlin Quinlan

Environment and Ethics Officer
Kay Godfrey
Anna Jeavons
Rebecca Williams

Press and Publicity Officer
Bea Watts and Polly Hanson

Web Officer
There are no candidates for this position.

Merchandise Officer
Jonathan Rukundo and Ryan David Wilson

Ordinary Officer
There are no candidates for this position.






Hustings took place on Tuesday in Vanbrugh Dining Hall and began with speeches from the candidates for non-executive positions.

Amy Gould, the sole Sports Representative candidate, stressed her commitment to maintaining Vanbrugh's free sport. The next set of candidates to speak were those competing for block representative positions. There were four nominees for the role of Le Page Court Representative. Their dominant policy was that of improving the quality of accommodation by providing more facilities.

The candidates for Donald Barron/Barbara Scott Representative all showed the desire to improve interaction between the isolated accommodation and their college, whilst the nominees for Eric Milner-White Court Representative agreed that communication between Blocks A and B is a priority. The candidate for Fairfax House Representative was not present.

Following a break, the heavily contested positions of Events Representatives drew huge attention. There was a heavy focus upon making events cheaper and holding more of them. Simon Irwin and Taraka Rhodes, running jointly, said that they wanted big events to take place throughout the year, whilst candidate Carly Miller summed up her manifesto in an amusing poem.

This was followed by speeches from the the sole nominees for LGBTQ Welfare Representative and Disabilities and Access Welfare Representative, who received no questions from the audience. Sam Fallon, running for LGBTQ Welfare Representative, said he wanted to increase the visibility of support for LGBTQ students.

After short speeches by the three prospective candidates for the Welfare Representative positions that were present, the speeches for the executive positions began. The candidates for Treasurer were heavily questioned, with a popular topic being the issue of how to keep Vanbrugh moving away from debt. Julian Wickert, running for Treasurer, said he wanted to increase transparency so that more students are aware of the JCRC's monetary situation.

Vice-Chair for Communications candidate Toby Churchley's policies included implementing bi-weekly block runs. Oliver Binns, the current Webmaster, emphasised his experience and his improvement of the Vanbrugh website, whilst Jack Elliot said he wanted greater pre-warning of events and more information on the website.

Only three of the four candidates for Vice-Chair for Events were represented, with increasing the diversity of events being a popular policy. All of the candidates talked about their previous experience of organising events. Alex Stevenson was the only one of the two nominees for Vice Chair for Welfare to be present at hustings.

The event was concluded with speeches by the four candidates for Chair. Megan Johnston expressed her wish to have a college trip abroad at the end of the year and to see renovations to the Junior Common Room. David Waters showed his enthusiasm for the College and pointed out his relevant experience as a STYC and Fairfax House Representative. Millie Beach spoke about potential welfare improvements, introducing 24 hour porters and weekly drop-ins with the Chair. The final candidate to give his speech was Adam Mitchell-Baker who said that his position as Chair would mean being a "representative of the students" and therefore a voice for their concerns.

Thomas Ron, Disabled Students' Officer, queried how the candidates would ensure that disabilities are taken into consideration in the new buildings which are being constructed. The responsive was unanimously to ensure there is collaboration with YUSU and be involved in every stage of the planning process.

To round off the evening, Michael Duncan, the current Chair, asked the candidates what they would have done differently to him. Beach's response was greater "pushing of block reps" to ensure that they were more involved. Johnston suggested "more visibility" to show the Vanbrugh JCRC as a representative body, whilst Waters understood there to be a preoccupation with debt last year which should change this year. The last candidate to speak was Mitchell-Baker, who said he wanted to "make everyone feel appreciated". A.H.


Millie Beach
Megan Johnston
Adam Mitchell-Baker
David Waters

Vice-Chair For Welfare
Amie Nevin
Alex Stephenson

Vice-Chair For Events
Alicia Barrett
Kate Clover
Hamish Dudgeon
Jenna Westacott Brown

Vice-Chair For Communications
Oliver Binns
Toby Churchley
Jack Elliott
Warren Rousseau

There are no candidates for this position.

Elliott Banks
Philip Hutchinson
Julian Wickert

Welfare Representative (Male)
Alex Light
Jack Mehmet

Welfare Representative (Female)
Lauren Ielden
Melanie Winyard

Overseas Welfare Representative
There are no candidates for this position.

LGBTQ Welfare Representative
Sam Fallon

Disabilities and Access Welfare Representative
Naomi Barrow

Environment and Ethics Representative
There are no candidates for this position.

RAG and Volunteering Representative (Two Positions Available)
There are no candidates for this position.

Events Representative (Four Positions Available)
Tom Armspach-Young
Emma Cutler
Simon Irwin
Carly Miller
Taraka Rhodes
Floraidh Tremaine
Ann-Marie Webb

Bar and Music Representative
Tom Arnold
Charles Chester
Ananna Zaman

Merchandise Representative (Two Positions Available)
There are no candidates for this position.

Discounts Representative
There are no candidates for this position.

Sales Representative
There are no candidates for this position.

Sponsorship Representative (Two Positions Available)
There are no candidates for this position.

Sports Representative (Female)
Amy Gould

Sports Representative (Male)
There are no candidates for this position.

Le Page Court Representative
Nick Kyriacou
Hamish McLean
John McMichael
Alex Pain

Donald Barron/Barbara Scott Courts Representative (Two Positions Available)
Kajsa Arnlund
Ella Dufton
Rachel Terry

Eric-Milner White Court Representative (Two Positions Available)
Orkney Bankes
Jack Harvey
Sarah Weinberg
JJ Wilson
Samuel Wilson

Fairfax House Representative
Brad Dunkley

Off-Campus Representative
There are no candidates for this position.

External Relations Representative
There are no candidates for this position.

Ordinary Member
There are no candidates for this position.






The first ever Constantine Student Association election hustings were held in The Forum on Monday night and drew a noticeably large audience of around 70 students. Despite the College's short history, there are approxiamtely 40 candidates standing for committee positions. The main theme of the evening which appeared in many speeches was the founding spirit of the College, and the need to "put Constantine on the map".

The evening was kicked off by returning CSA members Jacob Turner and Cat Santini, who have volunteered to stay on in order to organise the elections which are a landmark event in the brand new college's history. The majority of the positions were contested, with up to four candidates for several positions which sparked several debates amongst the nominees, especially for the role of President. However, the role of Vice-President was uncontested, as were the positions of Chair of Activities, Chair of Campaigns and Marketing, Male Student Well-Bring Officer, International Officer and LGBTQ Officer.

There were absences for several positions, including candidates for Disability and Access Officer, Business and Enterprise Officer, Chair of Events and the role of Treasurer.

Beth Francis, the candidate for Disability and Access Officer who attended hustings, began the evening with a speech concerning educating people about disabilities through stories and campaigns. She also proposed holding informal coffee sessions to help students with learning disabilities with practical tasks such as filling in application forms.

A number of first-year students are running in the elections, including Mobayo Oguntunde, an Event Officer candidate who proposed to abolish the "reputation of Hes East as an anti-social" place through "event experimentation". Further speeches came from Anton Kozak, who focused on student feedback based events, and first-year Robin Plaice who proposed a board of student ideas for The Forum. In contrast, Faye Austin's speech focused on a "more diverse range of club nights".

Amongst the most popular ideas of the night was creating a closer student community amongst colleges on Heslington East campus. This issue was raised by several candidates, including non-contested LGBTQ Officer candidate and current college mentor Kit Gow, who proposed to found a 'Hes East network' in order to educate students about LGBTQA matters. They also stated that an LGBTQA network in Heslington East would help build a "strong community in order to build student confidence". Sebastien Waters, running for RAG Officer, was equally enthused about the possibility of cross-campus connections on Heslington East, proposing an on-campus swap shop.

One of the most contested positions was Chair of Student Well-Being, with all four candidates focusing on student happiness within Constantine College. James McLean stressed that the CSA Well-Being should not appear as a "list of hierarchical names" but rather as "equals, known amongst the College".

Although all the candidates for Chair of Well-Being said they thought the current training was sufficient, Meredith Lambert, running for Chair of Events, thought that more confidence in STYCs was needed in order to cater for "shy people". Those running Well-Being Officer focused upon the issue of mental health and "quick access to friendly advice".

The night was closed by the speeches from the candidates for President, Benjamin Fordham, Usman Khan and Jack Ogilvie. Khan focused on opportunities for students to study in Constantine, suggesting bookable study rooms in The Forum. Fordham proposed that there should be a bar in The Forum, as well as the opportunity to smoke on the balcony. Speeches were closed by Jack Ogilvie, current Vice-Chair for Community, who stressed the need for "realistic" expectations. He focused on the need for faster maintenance responses, as well as better sports facilities within Constantine. L.H.


Benjamin Fordham
Usman Khan
Jack Ogilvie

Sam Price

Chair of Student Well-Being
James McLean
Henry Poust
Calum Stewart
Corina Stylianou

Chair of Events
Nathan Cordey
Meredith Lambert

Chair of Activities
Jocelyn Mennell

Chair of Campaigns and Marketing
Nur Suhaili Ramli

Charlotte Evans
Alex Petrie

Nas Abdullah
Alex Appleby
Harry Lewis
Dhruv Mehta

Campaigns Officer (Two Positions Available)
There are no candidates for this position.

Student Well-Being Officer (Male)
James Haikney

Student Well-Being Officer (Female)
Amy Barnett
Kate Murnane

International Officer (Female)
Anu Malik

International Officer (Male)
There are no candidates for this position.

LGBTQ Officer
Kit Gow

Disability and Access Officer
Jessica Browne
Beth Francis

Events Officer (Three Positions Available)
Faye Astin
Anton Kozak
Mobayo Oguntunde
Robyn Place

Sports Officer (Male)
Jack Collins
Thomas Underwood

Sports Officer (Female)
Maddie Trevillion
Madeleine-Evie Truscott

RAG Officer (Two Positions Available)
Sidra Sheikh
Sebastian Waters

Business and Enterprise Officer (Two Positions Available)
Dominic Rastelli-Lewis
Jason Parillon
Dominic Rastelli-Lewis

Off-Campus Officer
There are no candidates for this position.


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