York Needs Feminism photo campaign returns

The campaign involves students writing signs explaining why feminism is important to them

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The York Needs Feminism campaign is set to return to the University of York.

Photo Credit: York Needs Feminism
Photo Credit: York Needs Feminism

The campaign, organised by Women's Committee and Amnesty International involves photographs being taken of students holding signs explaining why they need feminism. It is based on a project started by students from Duke University with the aim of challenging misconceptions about feminism.

A number of photographs have already been uploaded to the campaign's Facebook page, with reasons for needing feminism including "people still don't know what FGM is", "sexual harassment
is not 'just a joke'" and "only 23 per cent of MPs are female but they still vote on gendered issues".

Other signs written by students read "just because because I'm angry doesn't mean I'm on my period", "'throwing like a girl' is used as an insult" and "people say feminism's now 'redundant' while trans women are murdered for being women".

A photoshoot will take place in Vanbrugh Paradise from 1pm on Wednesday, but it could be moved to James College depending on the weather.

Emily Inglis and Peggy Lockwood-Lord, who share the role of YUSU Women's Officer, told Nouse: "We're really happy to be getting back on the York Needs Feminism hype! It's great to see the huge range of reasons for peoples' engagement with feminism, and this campaign is a really effective way to get people talking about important issues. As Sam Maguire said: 'It's about fucking time!'"

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