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Juice for dinner?

Grace Marsh and Erin Rodgers discuss whether juicing is a good idea

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Yes, please!

Erin Rodgers: There's nothing wrong with trying an extreme diet if it's done in a safe and secluded way. I've tried Jason Vale's week long juice detox on several occasions after a particularly boozy holiday, or if I'm feeling a bit flu-like to get myself and my health back on track. Whilst the process of making all your own juices and smoothies for a week is a bit costly and a lengthy process, the undeniable boost you feel by the end of the week is worth it. The juices taste incredible and, contrary to popular belief, there are no unpleasant side effects. After the week long cleanse, you can decide how often you want to juice, whether it's replacing a couple of lunches per week with a green alkaline juice, or converting to smoothie-ism for your everyday morning meal. If for no other benefit, trying a juice diet opens your eyes to new ways of incorporating fruit and veg into your diet. Who would have thought that raw courgette juice could be quite so palatable.

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No, thanks.

Grace Marsh: Yes, it might be natural, but the amount of sugar you'll consume on a diet only drinking juices is not healthy at all. We've all been told countless times what makes a balanced diet: that pie chart plate is firmly imprinted in our minds. Consuming solely fruit and vegetables through juices doesn't, in any way, provide you with the nutrients and minerals that your body needs, even if it is a temporary thing. Fruits and vegetables have low sodium content, which means salt deficiency can occur from being on a juice diet, consequently leading to headaches and weakness. Juice diets are endorsed by the media, yet they're nothing but a marketing myth that attracts and misleads middle-aged women, leading them to believe it will provide them with miracle effects. In reality, any weight lost during an intensive juice diet will be put straight back on. For me, there are better ways to detox or lose weight.

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