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A grand day out

Niall Whitehead shares ideas for a day out in York

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Don't wait until third year to explore the city. Niall Whitehead shares ideas for a day out in York.


You'll soon forget this, but there are actually TWO nine O'clocks in one day! If you make it out of bed for the first one, try grabbing breakfast in town. Brew and Brownie do the best pancakes.


10:00 Head down to King's Manor and jump on the City Sightseeing York bus! It's £12.00 for a day's ticket - a little pricey, but it'll take you around all the key points in York and explain their historical significance along the way. Get off at the seventh stop to see...

Photo Credit: Maksima Mrvicova


Clifford's Tower. It's worth a quick look, and has an interesting if sad history behind it. In true York tradition, march up to the top of the hill and march down again (or roll, but that only really seems like a good idea at about 3am in the morning). Then back on the bus, to...


Memorial Gardens, near the train station. No, you're not escaping to somewhere more interesting - you're going to the Railway Museum, just nearby down Leeman Road. Some of the first trains ever built are down there, alongside sleek Japanese models and a variety of steam engines. Plus, it's free

viking shield12:40

Get off the bus near Clifford's Tower again and walk down Tower Street. Keep going to Coppergate and you'll hit Jorvik Viking Centre, which will transport you right back to the 10th Century, or at least to an episode of Doctor Who from the '70s where Vikings were replaced with eerie plastic robots.


Going round to Ogleforth will give you a chance to walk along the city walls. If you bought that axe or a wooden sword back at Jorvik, it's a good place for a duel...


Walk down towards York House and then Monk Bar, and you'll hit the Shambles - York's own little slice of the Harry Potter movies. The Minister is also nearby and free to get in. Then, you've seen all the big attractions. Time for a general wander-about; there's a nice cinema and bar on Coney Street, overlooking the River Ouse.


If you're still here, head back to the Shambles and listen for the bell. That's the start of your Ghost Tour! Comes highly recommended.

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