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From the 22: Welcome to York

Beth Jakubowski talks about taking part in sport at York for the benefit of Freshers who have just joined the University

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Image: Alex Byron
Image: Alex Byron

If you're a normal person, when September rolls around you start talking about the beginning of a brand new term and a brand new school year. If you're a die-hard sports nut, when September rolls around you start talking about the start of a new season. There's not much that can compare with the childish, giddy excitement of hearing the Match of the Day theme tune after the long summer absence.

Perhaps the first glimpse of 22 Acres after a relaxing holiday can almost match up. Well, it does if the sun's out; veteran reporters on the Nouse Sport team will all too well remember that after the horizontal snow incident of 2012. It took me a week to be able to feel my toes again.

Over the past few years sport at York has taken huge strides forward with the introduction of the fantastic facilities on Hes East. As well as the York Sport Village, there's now an outdoor cycling track, a mountain bike course and an outdoor velodrome alongside the 3G pitch.

So even if you don't think joining a sports team is for you, there are still plenty of opportunities to be active. But you don't have to be on a sports team to enjoy sport. Every year the annual Roses tournament brings the whole University together. Whether you're a player, a reporter or a spectator Roses is the chance for everyone to enjoy the spirit and camaraderie of sport.

Last year, York fell to an agonising away defeat despite recording the highest losing score in history. But in 2013, on home soil, we obliterated the competition and it should be the same story this year. The campus will be draped in black and gold as the white rose look to reclaim the Carter-James Trophy in emphatic fashion.

If Roses isn't enough to tempt you to get involved with sport, then there's always college sport. Playing for a university team can be a pressurised environment if you want to play sport in a more casual and relaxed setting then college sport is for you.

It's still competitive and with the new, annual college Varsity against Durham there is always something to play for. Getting involved in sport at York is easily one of the best decisions you'll make while at university. You won't regret it.

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