York bars could start breathalysing drinkers

Bars in York could start breathalysing drinkers upon arrival at their premises.

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Pubs and bars in York could start making customers take a breathalyser test before letting them in as part of attempts to reduce drunkenness in the city.

North Yorkshire's Chief Constable Dave Jones revealed in a radio interview that door staff could be given equipment to conduct breathalyser tests by Christmas.

Copyright: public domain (wikipedia)
Copyright: public domain (wikipedia)

They will be advised to use readings three times the drink-drive limit as a threshold for deciding whether to let people enter their establishment.

A spokesperson from North Yorkshire Police said: "Door staff will use them at their discretion if they believe someone has consumed an excessive amount of alcohol. A person could be refused entry if their blood alcohol level is too high.

"This is part of a number of measures being introduced to tackle excessive drinking in the city in partnership with Safer York Partnership.

"We are also working closely with British Transport Police to address visitors who 'preload' while they are travelling to the city."

The plans are the latest in a series of steps that have been taken to reduce excessive drinking in the city and were praised by Jane Mowat of Safer York Partnership.

Earlier this year, York's Alcohol Restriction Zone was extended to include anywhere within the city walls.

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