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York's Top 50 Tweeters

We all know that if it ain't on Twitter, it ain't happened. Here, the Nouse Sports Editors check out the top 50 Twitter accounts to follow at York

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We live in a world where the latest news and gossip can be found on Twitter first, and it's certainly the case at the University of York. Within this walled, northern microcosm of British society, the importance of Twitter is exactly the same, and for those that escape the concrete jungle of Heslington West, there's a whole world out there to keep an eye on. Some of the biggest York scandals arise from Twitter, so we've compiled a list of our University's top Twitterers (or is it tweeters?).

Here is a list of York's top 50 socialites, BNOCs, businesses and sources of info for any #UoYFresher with enough spare time to scroll through their Twitter feed in the middle of lectures. Well, maybe if you study history anyway.

50. YUSU Bars

A useful account to follow to keep tabs on YUSU's four society bars on campus - The Lounge (James College), Courtyard (Derwent, lovingly nicked from Langwith a couple of years ago) The Kitchen (Alcuin, so we're told) and The Glasshouse (Somewhere on the long lost land of Hes East). It informs us of opening hours, special offers, events and all that.

49. Helena Horton

Current editor of York's other legitimate student paper, York Vision, Helena is a high-profile feminist at the University who also isn't afraid to offer an opinion on pretty much anything. Often getting involved in, er, social media altercations, but worth a follow because, much as it pains us to admit, she's actually quite witty.

48. University Radio York

The University's own resident radio station, which at any given time can have up to eight listeners tuning in. Friendly joking aside, the folks at URY put together some top-quality shows, ranging from news and sport to music and talk shows. URY also proudly inform us that they're the oldest legal independent radio station in the country.

47. Isaac Lister

Third year student best known for his antics on the York music scene. A big football fan, rumours suggest Lister is a massive fan of Chris Hughton. Tweets are often full of acerbic humour and strong opinions. Content includes the shenanigans at Norwich City, music and poking fun at 2002 hit show Firefly. That's if he's not too busy taking the piss out of the authors of this article.

46. Mor Music York

Mor Music tweets all sorts to do with live music in and around York, letting people know what's going on where. The down side is that they're a little bit too liberal when it comes to daft hashtags, but we'll let them off. Just this once.

45. Jemima Busby

Twitter account of new Welfare & Communities Officer, Jemima Busby. It's not much more than the pretty standard YUSU sabb account if we're being honest, but it's worth a follow to keep yourself informed about welfare matters on campus. There's usually references to the goings-on within the sabbs' office as well.

44. Rob Culshaw

Final-year history student with a dry sense of humour and a passionate love of rugby league. A proud Lancastrian hailing from Wigan, Rob is a massive Wigan Warriors fan, not afraid to offer an often witty opinion on current affairs. A good follow for a chuckle at everyday life. Regularly tweets 100-year-old photos of York, just for good measure.

43. University of York Careers
"That's an interesting account," said no-one, ever. We know it's boring, but it's actually quite a useful account to follow. It gives information on the University's careers gateway and highlights upcoming opportunities for grabbing a job. After all, you know, a career would be very nice, and all that.

42. Aaron Stennett

Notoriously difficult to keep tabs on because his Twitter name and handle changes every five minutes, this chap is Nouse Deputy Online supremo. He's a reluctant and long-suffering Arsenal supporter, who, unlike his team, tops the league when it comes to a very impressive hat collection. Also happens to be the housemate of one of the authors. Nepotism, us? Nah.

41. York City FC

One for the sports fans out there, this is the official Twitter account of the local Football Club. Currently competing in League Two and managed by former Northern Ireland boss Nigel Worthington, York are the epitome of a 'proper' football club; a day out at Bootham Crescent, followed by a swift pint or five afterwards, is something that we strongly recommend.

40. Leon Morris

Student media stalwart, former Royal Navy engineer and current York Vision editor, Leon is a valuable source of campus news and always has his finger on the pulse when it comes to current affairs. Tweets usually provide links to a variety of news stories. His Twitter also informs us of his love of jazz music. Decent taste, that.

39. Amy Wong

Second-year English Lit student, who currently serves as News editor of this paper and is also secretary of York Theatre Goers. A self-proclaimed coffee lover, her tweets often concern long train journeys, the workings of the theatre world and campus news. To be honest, we thought we'd include Amy purely for her handle, which is a little bit ace. We wonder if she's found a bear yet?

38. York Pubs

A useful account that keeps us all updated on what's going on across the city on the pub scene. That's good, because, well, we like pubs. There's no shortage of them in York either - one for every day of the year. Here's a guide to them.

37. Matt Gilbertson

A northern sociology student who supports Hartlepool United, Matt's Twitter account is comedy gold. For starters, his header photo is of the Rovers Return. Need we say more? Yes? Well, his feed is full of anecdotes, quips and references to Coronation Street. Follow him. Now.

36. Beth Curtis

An important figure in York Feminists, acting as their media officer, Beth is also Treasurer of the University's Socialist Society. Her tweets are often insightful about current affairs, and there's usually a decent blend of music in there as well.

35. York Pride

A must-follow for remaining informed of LGBTQ matters within the city. York Pride organise the annual LGBT Pride and Parade, and the organisation is a registered charity. Tweets are informative and keep followers up-to-date with LGBTQ events and news in the area.

34. Alex Easton

Vanbrugh student Alex is the guitarist for his band and tells us that he is out of luck when it comes to iPods. Another good account to follow to ponder the musings of everyday life with a sharp sense of humour. His account informs us that spicy scrambled eggs taste good, so excuse us while we go and make some.

33. Chris Morris

Edgier than a cube's corner, Chris is just generally a bit of a top fella. Former Vanbrugh Vice-Chair for Ents who is always in the loop with what's going on in and around the city. Sporting a quiff to be proud of, he also spells his Twitter name with a K. Tweets revolve around anything and everything of interest, usually with a degree of humour thrown in.

32. The York Union

Formerly known as Nouse Events, although this publication no longer has anything to do with it following a rebranding exercise. They still lovingly borrowed our old logo, mind. The York Union hosts debates with a number of influential guests. Speakers over the last 12 months have included Channel 4 broadcaster Jon Snow, renowned football journalist David Conn and Respect MP George Galloway.

31. Claire Thomas

President of the University's Lacrosse Club, Claire is a self-proclaimed sports fanatic who tweets about anything and everything in the sporting world. A regular writer for Nouse Sport, she is also sports editor of URY. Her Twitter account tells us that she wants to be the next Gabby Logan. Not too shabby with a lacrosse stick, either.

30. Archbishop John Sentamu

The official Twitter account of the Archbishop of York, the second-most senior person in the Church of England. Even if you're not religious, Sentamu offers fascinating insights into the challenges of modern-day life; he is a must-follow for residents of York. While we're on the subject, make sure to visit York Minster. It really is stunningly beautiful inside.

29. Jamie Summers

A third year history student and a die-hard Stockport County fan, this northern, cynical social commentator and non-league football lamenter is full of interesting and chuckle-worthy observations to get you through the day. That's if he's not spending his time moaning about just about anything with the other author of this article!

28. Grumpy Goose

An excellent parody account born out of Duck of the Day (see below) and the general infestation of such avian individuals on Hes West. Brutally slags off anything and anyone, usually with some colourful language to boot. Quotes Sam Maguire as saying he'd 'like to break the fucker's neck'. Meh, whatever sinks his sub, we guess. We're not entirely sold on the authenticity, mind.

27. Tom Fennelly

Third year sociology and criminology student, ginger beacon, and all-round comedy specialist. Tom has a penchant for trains, as his bio informs us, and a grip upon razor-sharp quips that are second to none. Tweets range from drunken escapades in London to his cat getting stuck on the roof, and regular lyrical citations from Fleetwood Mac's Rumours; a must-follow.

26. Paul Bailey-Hague

York's resident DJ, who has spent the last 3 and a half months living it up as a regular at BCM in Mallorca. He'll be returning to these shores for the start of term and can usually be found in Kuda on a Tuesday evening. If clubbing is your thing, then Pee-Bee-Aitch is definitely worth a follow.

25. Sam Bright

York History student who owns political website Backbench UK. Tweets mainly about British politics, but there's also football content in there, mixed with a bit of good old 'Uddersfield charm. He tells us that he'd like to speak Italian, but doesn't know how to.

24. Stephen Harper

Secretary of ComedySoc. The curious things he experiences in his daily life are certainly intriguing, whilst the jokes he comes up with are worth keeping an eye on.

23. The Press

York-based newspaper that actually isn't shit/full of over-inflated egos. Offers great insights into local news, popular culture, etc. as well as news on the whole North Yorkshire area. There's also excellent coverage of York's professional sports teams, York City FC and York City Knights RLFC, for those interested. The letters section is a particular highlight of ours.

22. Carina Strom Smith

Another third year entry. Press and Publicity Officer of York Feminists, Chair of VegSoc and Treasurer of the Fringe. Always apace with the important issues of the day, including insightful tweets about feminism and modern society. Also blended with a collection of first-world problems, ruthlessly dry wit and the occasional tweet in Norwegian that could mean absolutely fucking anything.

21. Library Seats

Tweeting laughable observations and the availability of some actual seats in our glamorous and often highly-congested library. This account comes in surprisingly handy during the hot and stuffy days of the summer during the exam period, whether they be making you chuckle aloud in the silent area or simply guiding you to an empty seat in Harry Fairhurst.

20. Sam Maguire

The account of new YUSU President Sam Maguire, who was elected to the job in July. It's a one-stop shop for everything that is going through Irish Sam's working mind - from accommodation, to welfare issues, to observations about the lake. A must follow for every York student. We would advocate following Sam's personal account, but he might get a bit cross.

19. York Vice

Brilliant parody account York Vice, which makes the bold and probably accurate claim that York is 'the hippest University in Britain'. Complete with a snapshot of Central Hall, there's a mixture of acerbic wit and a cynical prodding of York pop culture.

18. Willow Student

What can we say? It wouldn't be a top follows list without a mention for the Big W. For the Freshers that aren't yet acquainted with the joys that York's favourite former Chinese restaurant-cum-80s disco has to offer, let's just say that most people stumble out at 4am smelling of sweat, and anger, and shame. This account keeps the illusion going through the week.

17. Tom Davies

A third year politics student with a keen eye for political satire. The Vision columnist, former Lemon Press editor and TV nerd is full of awesome observational quips in the world of politics as well as the little things in his life that annoy him. Which, it transpires, is most things.

16. York Fib Dems

A brilliantly satirical account that draws on recent media stories to compare where the mainstream Liberal Democrat party seem to contradict the policies of the Lib Dems in York. In their Twitter bio they say that they catch the York Lib Dems 'yellow-handed', a claim that couldn't be closer to the truth.

15. Thomas Ron

YUSU Disabled Students' Officer, Thomas Ron, known affectionately as Tron, is the highest-profile figure championing equality for disabled students on campus. The New Yorker is also a Labour Party member and tweets usually have a political edge. Tron is also an avid Tottenham Hotspur supporter.

14. York Music Guide

Not one for comedy, but a decent source of information about the music scene in York. This city has a reputation for excellent live music, which probably has something to do with the number of pubs around here. If you feel like getting hopelessly drunk whilst humming along to acoustic creations, this account is a must-follow.

13. Dr Chris Renwick

Yep, we've included an academic on the list. Modern History lecturer Chris Renwick is a top geezer. Takes a cutting look at the pitfalls of everyday life, and nothing is safe from being ridiculed with a dry sense of humour. Coupled with the ace 90s haircut, Renwick is well worth a follow. His seminars ain't half bad as well, you know.

12. Cass Brown

Cass Brown, another sabbatical officer currently serving her second term as York Sport President. Also now a director at BUCS, the organisation that runs University-level league competitions. That makes her a little bit important. We also note that unlike Sam Maguire, she spells 'pres' with an S rather than a Z. Hmm.

11. Grace Marsh

Deputy Muse Editor at Nouse, second year student Grace tweets a little bit of everything, but mainly baking scandals, taking holidays in France, the odd bit of sport (her dislike of Andy Murray) and anything to do with the City of Leeds. We approve.

10. Michael Duncan

Current chair of Vanbrugh College, Michael Duncan, gives us an invaluable insight into his life with his Twitter account. Keeping YUSU and the NUS in check, tweets also often revolve around Vanbrugh mascot Duck Norris, history puns and kitchen-related regrets. That's when he isn't too busy SLAMMING something in York Vision.

9. Nouse Sport Team

The most comprehensive source of all the latest sporting news, results and analysis for anything from College to University sport. Coverage is particularly good during Roses and Varsity, and there's a good bit of humour chucked in too for good measure.

8. University of York Freshers

Aimed predominantly at Freshers, as the name sort of suggests, this account offers all sorts of advice to first-years about life at the University. It's well worth a follow for everyone else as well though, being well on the pulse, particularly with the clubbing scene. We know who runs this account, but it's a state secret. So if we told you, we'd have to kill you.

7. Munchies York

This is something new and shiny that every student at York needs to try out. Believe it or not, but this city has its very own cakeaway service! Belgian waffles, cheese cakes, brownies, shakes; you name, they deliver it. Posting some very naughty photos of their cakes and waffles draped in various orgasmic food stuffs like Oreos and Nutella, this source of food porn is a must-follow, unless you're a coeliac.

6. Gary Holland

A cheeky, baby-faced third year with a love of puns, satire and good grammar. Worth following for laughing at jokes in public that you shouldn't laugh at.

5. North Yorkshire Police Universities

An official Twitter from the local police force, North Yorkshire Police. This account offers advice and information specifically for students of the University of York and York St John University. A must follow for all York students.

4. Jack Gevertz

Not only is he the chief news reporter at York Vision, but he is also a freelance journalist for the Independent and a columnist for the Guardian. He's great at spotting some interesting stories in the world of British politics, whilst he's also the first for breaking news at the University.

3. Nouse

Well we weren't going to go to the effort of writing all this without plugging ourselves, were we? In all seriousness, the official Twitter account for York's oldest society will provide you with all the latest news, opinions and reviews for anything across campus.

2. Duck of the Day

Their Facebook page has gone viral nationally with over 40 thousand likes. Their Twitter account only has two and a half thousand followers, but this is certainly one of York's favourite quirky and fun escapes from the intensity of study. Posting a fresh and cute picture of a duck each day, as well as one of York's other waterfowl at weekends, this is definitely the most original account to follow at York.

1. The Lemon Press

The campus' brilliant satire magazine has an equally impressive presence on social media. Full of laugh-out-loud witticisms on the latest news and life around our university as well as links to some brilliant satire articles on their website.

So there we have it, the top 50 Twitter follows for your time at York. Don't forget to give the two authors of this article a follow via @JimSummers and @ThomasFennelly. The two mainly tweet about things that frustrate them in their lives, which means most of their tweets involve these two just shouting at each other. Nevertheless, they're still worth a follow just for giggles.

Not made it onto the list? Don't worry, there's always next year.We're sorry we couldn't include everybody.

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