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York has a diverse and exciting range of music societies available to you, we've put together a comprehensive list of what campus can offer budding musicians

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Band Society

This is definitely the society for students with a passion for music. Band Society allows its members space and time for your band to practice as well as the opportunity to perform live on campus events and celebrations. In addition the society can lend equipment to its members when needed. What else could you ask for?


Let's be explicit, bellringers' activities include surprisingly enough ringing bells! But it could get more complicated when they have two sections- the tower bell section and hand bells section, but no worries you can always be both a tower and hand ringer!

Big Band

The York Big Band is a band made up from students at the University of York. Their styles range from jazz and rock 'n' roll to traditional pieces. They guarantee to live up the atmosphere wherever they perform and have as much fun as possible. They try and play at as many live gigs as they can.

Brass Band

Love music but hate auditions? Well that's ok for the Brass Band. The society is a non-auditioning student-run brass band that gives three concerts a year and competes at the Whit Friday Marches, and the National University Brass Band Championships of Great Britain. All welcome!


If you want to be part of the music culture in York you should definitely join Breakz. They offer some of the finest music events both on campus and in York. Whether you like drum and bass, dubstep, hip-hop, electro, house, garage or you are just looking for something different, Breakz promise to bring the latest beats on the scene supported by the hottest international DJs. Joining Breaks would mean evenings of pure musical indulgence, an opportunity to meet people who share the same enthusiasm for music and dance, enjoy the finest DJs and be part of York's ever growing underground dance music community.

Concert Band

The Concert Band is an entirely student led wind band, playing a wide variety of music. They aim at holding three concerts per year in York. They organize tours, with recent trips being in Dublin, Holland, Germany and Paris. The society is open to everyone regardless of their level of abilities- as long as it's woodwind, brass or percussion!

Glee Singers

York Glee Singers is a small choir run by students. The society sings a variety of styles, like sacred and more light-hearted music. The society is made up of 4 parts- soprano, alto, tenor and bass, so there is room for different qualities. Many of the singers have previous experience in church choirs but the society is not affiliated with any faith and religious society.

The Fringe - Alternative Music Society

The Fringe are the rock and alternative music society at the University of York. Catering to the widest range of music of any society, from heavy metal to industrial and classic rock there's something for everyone. Describing themselves as a somewhat alternative society they organise regular trips to gigs and club nights in York you might not have heard of before. They say that 'although we might look scary, we are one of the most friendly and welcoming groups of people on campus'.

Music Production Society

Offering an open environment for creating and critiquing music , the society can teach you how to use music software throughout the entire creative process, from composition to mixing and mastering, at both advanced and introductory levels. The emphasis of the society is on integrating musicality with the various technical processes involved in creating a finished composition.

Music Society

The Music Society does "everything in their power to encourage and facilitate music making on campus", holding lunchtime concerts on Tuesdays and Fridays during term time at which students can perform in a professional setting. As well as this, they own the practice rooms in Langwith which are open to members to use. Socially, the society organises summer and Christmas Balls.

Opera Society

Opera Society's aim is to get people involved in Opera from all parts of the University organising trips and movie nights as well as performances.

Revelation Rock-Gospel Choir

If you want to sing in a choir that is fun and vibrant, Revelation Rock-Gospel Choir might be for you. The choir was formed in December 2003 and has grown ever since. Whilst Christian based, anyone can get involved. Rehearsals are on Tuesdays at 7pm at Heslington Church.

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